what is Digital Marketing and its Types

What is Digital Marketing and Types of Digital Marketing?

Are You searching for what is Digital marketing and Types of Digital Marketing. Then, here in this Article you will learn full Details about What is digital marketing, Types, Benefits and Scope of digital marketing in 2021.

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing also known as Internet Marketing, Online marketing, and Web marketing that is promoting a product, services or something online or with the help of internet.

So basically when we want to sell something we should reach customer in traditional method we use Television, Newspaper, Hording many more method.

But, now a day’s people are not so connected with all those things because everyone is more attracted to internet. There are many online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & many google attached platforms where people spending their time.

so if you want to promote something you need to focus on these platforms. you can sale your product online.      

what are the Types of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) .

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media Optimisation (SMO),

Pay Per Click (PPC),

Social Media Marketing (SMM),

Content Marketing (CM),

Email Marketing (EM),

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing (I&A M),

Affiliate marketing

what is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Whenever you search for something on google you will try to collect information from first page or top search results so the person whoever giving information should try to come top on search result to get better result.

If you are writing about your product or services, you should optimize your content in such a way that you should rank on first page & as well as top on search result this is called search engine optimization.

what is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

To do SEO you must have some skill & skill come from experience SEO depends keywords related to your topic are rank-able or not, Architecture of your website & so many factors.        

what is Search Engine Marketing?

what is Search Engine Marketing?

Doing SEO isn’t easy & not possible for everyone than there is alternative for SEO that is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) so basically SEM is Paid service where you pay a search engine to come on top of search result.

you can see Ad symbol on search result start whenever you search for something that shows that its paid one. Now a days Google AdWords famous for paid promotion.

It is like you gave an advertising to a google AdWords that whenever someone search for this product or services. you should show my website or blog for which I will pay you some amount

what is Social Media Optimisation (SMO)?

What is Social Media Optimisation?

When you want your brand should be known to all people than there is an economical way that is social media first create your social account and put post related to your brand.

You can write a post related to your recent products or upcoming products now hoe to optimize it just redirect the interested people to your website.

Social media are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat & so on in all these.

you can create your page then promote your brand, products & form an audience who are interested in your product or services than target them and transferee them to your websites.      

what is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

what is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

As name says you have to pay some amount for one click on your advertisement, campaign or links the best example for that is google AdWords which take some amount when someone click your link or Ads.  

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

As we saw you can advertise using google the same thing can be done using social media also even many people using social media not only for marketing but also for sales. For example, in Facebook or Instagram you can create an advertisement to market your product and services.

Social Media Marketing is affordable and you can sell directly on social media now a day you have seen Facebook is doing same thing.      

What is Content Marketing (CM)?

What is Content Marketing (CM)?

When you have a product or services you explain about it & write about it then create a content regarding it and by doing it you generate sale that is content marketing. Usually people first go for content marketing that is by writing about their products and services than sell that thing.

What is Email Marketing (EM)?

What is Email Marketing (EM)?

Email marketing can be done in many ways that is by sending email you build a relationship with your customer or maybe sending thank you mail for purchasing creates good impression many people using automation mail tools which automatically sends mails after certain activities for example if some person gave you mail and all but didn’t purchased you can mail him something which encourage him to purchase.     

What is Influencer & Affiliate Marketing ?

To do influencer marketing you must have some followers on social media or YouTube so you can influence people to purchase product & services. now a day people with good number of followers are becoming influencers and if influencer promote product or services people who follow him/her will purchase that.

what is Affiliate Marketing?

what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing in simple word it means selling product with commission. For example, if you sell someone else product that someone else will pay some rupees from his profit. Now a day mobile review is common in YouTube and the reviewer will tell purchase it from link below that is nothing but affiliate link which will give that person some amount & doesn’t increases the price of product the affiliate is also managed in product price.    

Learn Digital Marketing Courses

Learn Digital Marketing Courses

You want to learn Digital marketing than first question comes in mind is how much time it consumes because some people say 1 month but some says take post-graduation program of 1 year to 2 years to be frank with you can’t Digital Marketing just by studying you have to practice it so go for courses which will complete in less time & after that you can practice but take courses at least with 3-4 months because when you start practicing after some classes you may encounter with some problems which you have to resolve for that you need guidance which you can get while you are under guidance.

Now about cost, there are plenty of institutions are available which teaches you digital marketing but they charge you very much. According to me don’t spend too much money search something affordable and good. Now a day online many people teaching digital marketing take their courses who are expert in it means who are doing digital marketing also teaching digital marketing is something which you can learn by practicing so to do practice you have to spend some amount for purchasing Domain Hosting & some of tools that’s why don’t spend all money on learning.

If you want my suggestion go for udemy it have affordable courses with good teachers who teaches you Digital Marketing step by step. But if you want go offline then start practicing as quickly as possible and ask as many as doubt. 

  • Importance Digital Marketing
  • Digital marketing is best way to increase sales
  • The Digital marketing is very much affordable way to increase your Brand value.
  • The Digital Marketing is easy to work with different marketing channel
  • Digital marketing is best platform to connect with your customer also to build relationship with them.
  • Digital marketing insures maximum Return of Investment(ROI) that is how much you spend on marketing you will get much more than that.

what are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

  • Targeted audience, when you do traditional method of marketing you can’t target your specific audience for example if you selling an engineering books or course on television, hording or newspaper than everyone will see Ad that person may related to engineering or not in this example it maybe not an issue but think if the Ad is related to adult product than miner may watch that so traditional method of advertising is not good.

But in Digital marketing you can target audience based on Gender, Age, City, Country, Education, Job, Business, his hobbies interest so many things your energy will not be wasted it’s like you are showing your advertisement to a potential buyer. And it also has benefits that like you can choose who shouldn’t see your advertisement isn’t it Amazing?

  • Affordable or cost effective, all companies while creating any product they add extra 20-25 % price for marketing and all because you may not know that for running a TV Ads less than a minutes you need to pay in lacs of rupees some time it increases to many crores. But in digital marketing by creating an affective campaign you can minimise cost per click so much less that you get 10 times of you spend so companies can decrease their product value. You may saw recently many online products price decreasing compare to offline because they are not spending much on advertisements.

  • Trackable, in traditional method you can’t track that who is watching your advertisement and taking action or the ads were effective but in Digital Marketing you can track each and every moment of visitor like how many people visited your website and where they clicked on which page they spend more time each and every details because there are many tools available for everything. And if you use any social media there you can see how many people liked it, shared it and seen it. Even you can check the location of visitors like country, city & time many more.

  • Internal reach, by using Digital Marketing you can expand your business globally that you need run your Ad globally. It helps for small businesses who want to expand globally just by help of digital marketing they can expand globally.

  • Personalization, when someone buys something from your website then you will have his all details like name, phone number & email by these you can send personal mail using their then they feel special. Also some people take Date of Birth, Anniversaries details so they provide those customers birthday offers or anniversaries offers.

  • Increased conversion rates, if 100 people visiting your website but only 10 people purchased than 10% is conversion rate in normal advertising or business you can’t do much about those remaining 90 people who didn’t purchased but in digital marketing you can retarget them you may ask what is retargeting it is nothing but you trying to make those 90 people to purchase. You just show him product related details in ads or send him mail or give him offer details.

  • Social Media Marketing, now a day’s people spend their maximum time on social medias like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, twitter, LinkedIn, snapchat & many more so if you showcase your advertisement on these platforms you will have maximum chances of reaching customers.                     
  • How to Do Digital Marketing?

Each and every person suggest different steps or ways for digital marketing I will tell you my way of doing digital marketing as follows:

  1. First start with blogs yes you heard it right try blogging choose one niche which is your interest or you have knowledge about it than start writing content about it. You may ask why blogging it helps you to gain knowledge how to write about something & also you will get to know about SEO that means you will know how to rank your blog on top. To know how to write blog just visit https://digitaldany.com
  2. When you start blogging about particular niche just create social media pages regarding that niche and put some post regarding your niche. Social media is very important to increase traffic to your website. Put information about your niche and create content video in YouTube & post in Facebook & Instagram and tell them about your website so after watching in social media they will visit to your website.
  3. When you have enough of traffic to your website than start promoting your products but in max cases people who visit your website are very much interested about your blog related things so if you are selling product which is related to your blog than perfect you will do fine.
  4. Up-to now whatever you read was slow process if you don’t want to do hard work there is short cut for everything no need to write blog just create a website place your product with description and run ads people will visit purchase by reading description
  5. Use same method for social media just put product detail and run ads that means boost a post gather audience send them to website sales page.
  6. For long term effective Digital Marketing you need to follow both methods    
  7. How many types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is roughly divided into 8 types which are as follows,

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization

PPC stands for Pay Per Click

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing

CM stands for Content Marketing

EM stands for Email Marketing

IM & AM stands for Influencers Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

  • Digital Marketing salary in India

If you are graduate or worked somewhere you probably know that salary in India is very less for any job so the same story continues in digital marketing too but there is a good news if you gain good amount of knowledge and express that to company, you will get good hike within 2-3 years.

When you start carrier as a Digital marketer go for internship (paid or unpaid) gain good amount of knowledge than in 6 months in internship they may pay around 6000 as pocket moneys but after that if you express yourself in good way you may get 3-3.6 LPA

If you go directly to a job without internship you will get 1.0-2.16 LPA but as you start giving good result to a company than you will get good hike there are some examples shows within 3-4 years’ experience getting 6.0 LPA or even more.

And some experience people getting paid monthly 3-4 lacs it all depends on your skill.    

  • Digital Marketing income in Freelancing

There are some small scale businesses want to come online or represent themselves online they need digital marketers they can’t afford full Digital marketing agency so they will approach freelancing.

In freelancing regarding Digital Marketing people want to create website, social media pages, create brand awareness campaign or many more for each services you can charge any amount or you may give all services & give them discount.

For creating normal website people charging Rs10-25k

building a word-press website charges around Rs45k

Some People charge around Rs1.5-3.50Lakhs for creating Ecommerce website.

For running ads & campaign charges depend on product some people asks for percentages per increased sales or profit.   

Best Digital Marketing tools in 2021


In Digital Marketing to improve your sales or minimise your effort many tools are available. For each work there are tools some of main or well-known tools are as follows.

  1. SEO Tools: Up to now you may have seen that SEO is very important for any website and for that people are using SEO tools how does SEO tools work or helps SEO tools helps for search keyword data, backlink data, search volume, Difficulty, CPC (Cost Per Click), SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) looks can be checked, checking page authority domain authority, on page SEO off page SEO, many more
    1. Keyword Everywhere, its chrome extension used to research keywords it will show in search result page about search monthly volume, Cost Per Click, competition figure, related keywords, long tale keywords can be seen which helps to write about articles.

It is free tool download from here https://keywordseverywhere.com/ and give email id details. It has another feature which is just save keywords when you are in any website you will see star icon click on that to save keyword and use it whenever you need it from my keyword.

  • Ubersuggest, if you are doing SEO means you heard of Neil Patel yes in his website https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ this tool is available. What ubersuggest provides you, it gives more information than keyword data that is website details like backlinks data, search volumes, difficulty rates, CPC figures & so on.
    • Counting Character, it has different use than others you have heard about google check Meta character & Meta Description but that’s not completely true google doesn’t check character it checks pixels so when you writing Meta Characters & description you have to check pixels how to check that just use Counting Character.

How to use Counting characters? go to https://www.countingcharacters.com/google-serp-tool than give title, link & description of your website it will show your website and you can hear a sound with dots which means you are exciding character limit.

  • Mozbar, it is useful to know about any website Page Authority, Domain Authority, back link, keyword details. It is also chrome extension just download it from here https://moz.com/products/seo-toolbar and when you search about anything you can see the detail displaying below search results like PA (Page Authority), DA (Domain Authority), & Link Details
  • just by clicking on link Details you can check many more things like Backlinks, Keywords of website.
    • SEMRush, its best tool in market with good price tag on it. For beginners it may be costly but when you become expert than start using it or just use trial version. You may have question why it is best? It’s not just a tool its complete tool with all feature need for Digital Marketing, it gives information like Domain overview, traffic analysis, organic research, keyword data, backlink data, ranking data, on Page SEO, technical SEO, reporting everything will be get here.

How to use it click here https://www.semrush.com/ fill details and put URL get details of website like Domain overview, traffic analysis, organic research, keyword data, backlink data, ranking data, on page SEO, technical SEO, reporting. 

  • Woorank, its website analysing tool means it is used for checking website technically after using this tool you will get information what you have to change with respect to SEO.

How to use it click here https://www.woorank.com/ it gives details about SEO related analysis, SERPs look, tittle tag, meta description, keyword information, robot tags, schema data, domain information, social media information many more.

  •  Browseo, in simple word it is SEO browser from Browseo you can see how search engine see your website. What is use of it? It will show your website in plane text format with some technical terms also you can check whether your website is completely seen by search engine or browser or not it may happen sometime due to error in coding.

Just click here https://www.browseo.net/ and put URL than you can see how your website is seen by browser and also by this you can check is there any error due to which your website details missing in browser that means is your complete website is seen by browser or not you can check it.

  • Check My Links, it is for checking about your broken links present in your website broken links means red signal for SEO your website will go down. It is chrome extension just download it and load your website and check for broken links.
    • Ahrefs, it is competitor to SEMRush with all same features you can check that here https://ahrefs.com/ but its costly same as SEMRush
      • Tools for creating sales funnels: what are sales funnel it’s a way of converting your visitors into customers you may ask how we can do that?
      • There may be many ways but one is famous that is by controlling the movement of your website visitor for that you need some tools.
        • ClickFunnels
        • Samcart
        • ThriveCart
        • Convertkit
        • Convertri
        • Xfunnels
        • Systeme.io

I don’t explain all in details because these above almost work same way with minimal differences. ClickFunnels is very much famous tool but costly. How sales funnel work? If a visitor came to your website, he starts to moving in random direction and see different products get confused or loss interest of purchasing.

To avoid that funnels are created if a visitor land on a page which will restrict his movement allows him to go to higher version of product or lower version of product (i.e. Upsell & Down sell) so basically he will be trapped in between product pages he have to purchase it or leave website.   

  • Landing pages creating tools: as name says its page where a visitor land when click on a link from email or advertisement. This landing page will have beautiful design which will make visitor to take an action i.e. to purchase your product or services.

You may ask what is difference between landing page and sales funnel? According to me sales funnels consist many pages, products, options with upsell & down sell option but in landing page only single page, product just purchase it or leave the website.

You may be thinking clickfunnels also used for landing pages yes many sales funnel tools can be used for landing page. And systeme.io is all in one tool.

  • Email marketing tools: you may know that Email marketing is considered best marketing because it has highest conversion rate so what is a use of tool? To collect & send email automatically we have to use tools.
Email marketing tools
  • Mailchimp
      • ActiveCampaign
        • CovertKit
        • Drip
        • Market Hero
        • Upviral
        • Systeme.io

The well-known email marketing tool is mailchimp because its free for beginners with limited visitors.  

  • Tools used for online course creators: now a days online learning is a trend and to fulfil it many started online teaching but to teach online you need to put your teaching material & video in systematic way for that many tools are available some of them are as follows.
    • Teachable
      • Udemy
        • Teachery
        • Thinkific
        • Kajabi
        • Systeme.io

I recommend Start Learning Digital marketing and Blogging Now. It is the Best thing i have Ever did in my life. Here, Top 7 ways to Earn Money through Digital Marketing and Blogging.

1.Start Your own blog/website apply for Adsense and Earn money.

2.Join the Affiliate program of tools and product. Sale on your Blog.

3.Convert your Knowledge to Course and Sell online.

4.Get a Sponsorship

5.Can do freelancing works at :

(a) Freelancer.com

(b) Upwork.com

(c) fiverr.com

6.Get a High paying Jobs.

7. Start your Own Digital Marketing Agency.


What is the best way to learn Digital Marketing?

The best way to learn digital marketing is through Online course.

What is digital marketing and types?

Digital Marketing is the Modern type of Marketing where marketing Medium is Used as Internet. It is the most Effective way. and The different Types of Digital Marketing are as follows:-Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) .
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media Optimisation (SMO),
Pay Per Click (PPC),
Social Media Marketing (SMM),
Content Marketing (CM),
Email Marketing (EM),
Influencer & Affiliate Marketing (I&A M),
Affiliate marketing

Which type of digital marketing is best?

The Best way of Digital marketing is Content Marketing and SEO always.

Who is the father of digital marketing?

Philip Kotler is the Father of digital Marketing.

Who is the Best Digital Marketer in the World?

Neil Patel is the best Digital Marketer in the world. Neil patel is everyones favourite. He is the King of digital Marketing.

Who is the Best Blogger in India?

Harsh Aggarwal is the Most Popular and Best Blogger in India.

How much can I earn money through Blogging?

On an Average between $100 and $10,000 per month.There are so many People who are earning more this. It all depends on your Experience and Consistency.

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