About Us

Hi, I am Digital Dany.

I am Digital Marketer and SEO . blogging is my Passion. I have 5 years of Experience in blogging. I own about 15+ Website which are on the Top of the Google Search Engine. Here, I will Share My Blogging experience and knowledge through Video. I have Trained around 1000+ Students across the world.

The more You Learn the More You Earn

So always Keep Learning

– Digital Dany

My Mission

I want all the People around the World to start Blogging as Soon as Possible. So, Many People are under Estimating the Power of Blogging. blogging can Change Your Life. You can quit 9-5 Job. Start Your Own Blog. Learn every Day. There are 7 Ways to Earn Money Online through Blogging. So, why to wait Start Blogging. It is the Best Thing I have Ever Made in my Life.

I am Engineer by Profession. I Love Digital marketing, Blogging and Coding(web developer).

I Taught about 1500+Students across the World.98+Countries, 25+ Languages. Rating 4.5+/5.0. Through my Online Course. I want the People to come on Online create their Business Online. I want the People to earn Online. This is 21 Generation. Here, We should Use the Power of Internet. You Can see the Fastest way to Become rich is Through Internet and Coding. See What Bill Bates, mark Zuckerburg(website and App), Elon Musk(Zip 2) Did…

Do You Know Indian Top Bloggers Earning

Harsh Aggarwal ( My favourite Mentor)

founder of Shoutmeloud.com

Monthly Earning: earns approximately $20000-$40000 PM.

DigitalDany is a free WordPress resource site for Beginners. DigitalDany was founded in July 2016 by dany. The main goal of this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources that allows WordPress beginners to improve their site(s). Also we will tell about all blogging tips and tricks.