Semrush Affiliate 2021.

Ultimate Guide for SemRush Affiliate program Review 2022

Semrush Affiliate program review

            It is an award winning SEO tool i.e. 14 International awards of best SEO software. 12 Billion keywords in Semrush Database. 7 million people used Semrush so far which contains big companies from all over world.

30% of Fortune 500 companies uses Semrush as their marketing tool. There are 40+ tools which helps your marketing strategies these tool contains SEO, Content Marketing, Marketing Research, Advertising, Social Media and many more.   

What is Be rush?

Berush is affiliate program for Semrush. If you want to apply Semrush affiliate program than you have to apply through Berush platform. Berush team handles the affiliate program of Semrush.  

How does it work?

            Just open you will go to a page called SEMRUSH Affiliate Program and there will be Blue Button called “Join Now” after clicking it you will have to fill information asked and wait for their reply.

After their reply you are good to go. So basically Berush manages the affiliate for every sale you receive reoccurring revenue for example if you make Mr. X to purchase Semrush and he paid 1st month you will also receive 1st month percentage and Mr. X liked it and paid 2nd month you will also receive 2nd month share that means you will receive your share or percentage every time Mr. X paid to Semrush Amazing isn’t it?        

How to Apply for semrush Affiliate program?

            Applying Semrush affiliate is simple just open than Semrush affiliate page will be open their click on “Join Now” button after that you will see an application asking about your details like First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, set Password.

After that you have to fill about company information Account Display Name, Country, Address with Phone number & Timeline. Than you have to give Promotional Information like type of method used to promote Semrush & also add additional type of promotion afterwards check Terms & Condition and Sign-Up.

            After applying for Semrush affiliate program you will receive email from BeRush Support Team to your registered email address which says “Thank you and for completing your application click on link below”. For verification about your details will be done it might take few days.

I received confirmation mail in 6 days if you didn’t receive in 7th day also just send an email to BeRush support team it will process faster. After receiving your confirmation mail it contain link just click on it and login & generate affiliate link than use it.        

Semrush affiliate program commission

            In simple words you will receive 40% of every sale you generated. I will explain it in details smallest plan available is pro plan $119.95 per month so 40% of it will be your commission so 40% of $119.95 per month is $47.98 per month same goes

For guru plan $229.95 per month which will give you $91.98 per month Business plan is $449.95 per month which give you $179.98 per month.

            There is wonderful news for you if someone Sign-Up by your affiliate link you will receive $0.01 you may be thinking only this much wait there is another big surprise for you if someone start a trial from your affiliate link you will receive $10 you heard it right just by starting a trial will give you $10 amazing isn’t it.

When will I receive payment? How will I receive my payment?

You will receive twice a month i.e. commission will be given to you on 10th day and 25th day each month. For payment you must have minimum $50 in your account.

How does cache work in Semrush?

            After your affiliate program start you will generate affiliarte link and if someone 1st time click on Semrush affiliate and went to Semrush page their cache will be developed which will last for 10 years straight.

It may be advantage or disadvantage if someone already went through affiliate but didn’t purchased or login than you convert him with your affiliate that time you won’t receive any payment the first person will receive it. It will be that “first cookie wins”.       

How to earn $1000 per month with SemRush Affiliate Program?

Semrush affiliate program 40% revenue. No it is 40% reoccurring revenue you may wonder it is this reoccurring revenue I will explain it with one example think that you promoted Semrush on your platform that maybe your YouTube channel, Blogging Website, or any social media platform

Mr. X got impressed by your promotion and signup the Semrush you will receive $0.01 after that Mr. X checked it and started the 30 day trail of Semrush than you will receive another $10.

Mr. X find Semrush very helpful tool and paid it for guru plan of $119.95 now you will receive $47.98 that’s it no the story still continues here comes reoccurring revenue after a month Mr. X paid another $119.95 because Semrush monthly plan is $119.95 that means you will receive per month $47.98 Amazing this every month revenue is called reoccurring revenue.

You will receive payment whenever your referred person make payment to Semrush. This is the reason you will receive highest payment from Semrush.      

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Which is best affiliate program for bloggers & SEO expert?






            Semrush is on top of all so I prefer Semrush Affiliate program.

SemRush Pricing

Semrush SEO Tool 2021 Pricing

Pro plan $119.95 per month if you billed for annually $99.95 per month (save 16%)

Guru plan $229.95 per month if you billed for annually $191.62 per month (save 16%)

Business plan $449.95 per month if you billed for annually $374.95 per month (save 16%)

SemRush SEO Tool Review 2021

Semrush SEO Tool 2021 Customers Review


Does Semrush have an affiliate program?

Yes, Semrush has a Affiliate Program. which give you 40% commission on Each Sale.

Which affiliate program is the best?

The best affiliate program is Semrush affiliate program.

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

1.SemRush Affiliate Program

Who is the most successful affiliate marketer?

1.Missy Ward.
2.Shawn Collins.
3.Zac Johnson.
4.Ian Fernando. 
5.Kulwant Negi

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

Yes, You can Start affiliate Marketing with no money also. But, You should have the website to Promote the Affiliate Marketing Product.

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