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15 common mistakes bloggers do [Become Successful Blogger 2022

Hey, do you want to know the common mistakes bloggers do. so that you can become a successful blogger as soon as possible. many people struggle to get traffic because they do lot of mistakes in the blogging career. so to avoid this one I have gone through all these stages and Today I am successfully Running many blogs. so here I will tell the 15 mistakes Bloggers do Try to avoid it Now.

1.Never Copy and Paste the Article.

common mistakes bloggers

Many of the Blogger’s think that they copy the content from other blog and paste in their blog and earn money. They think that they can easily Earn Money. They do not have any idea. At last They get frustrated that their article is not ranking Search Engine. Believe me when I started my blogging Journey I also did the same thing.

If you doing same thing. Stop Right now because the Google and other search engine are very smart than us. They detect that the article which we are copied and paste in our blog is easily deducted by the search engine.

Once the content is copied from the other blog. Google will not allow the Blog article to be Index. It will throw the article and also will not be index in future also.

Try to do learn more about your niche. Write unique article so, your Article will be easily recognized by the Google search engine and get top Rank in  the search engine.

This is one more common mistake bloggers do when they are beginners in the blogging they just copy the articles from the other website or other blogs and paste into their blogs stop doing right now. blogging is not a joke you should have a particular interest and passionate of the about the topic which you are going to write. then, only it gives some return otherwise you will exhaust very soon.

Never copy the articles are content from the other website Google is much smarter as you think. it has many tools which will check whether you have copied or not they articles if it is a copied article then it will throw your article search engine So, genuine unique articles which is really helpful to the other people it will help in the long run. and Google will encourage who write the unique articles and it will help to increase your ranking in search engine.

2.Writing short article.

common mistakes bloggers

Many of the Blogger do mistake in writing the Article. They try to write articles very small. Never write the Article Clearly in details. So, before writing any article. Try do proper research and write the Article. So the Visitor should get complete information of the product.

Always try to write the article in such a way that you should add more and more value to the visitor with a Good intention. Your Article should help them. Many blogger write very short article 500-600 words or less. This is Common mistakes bloggers do. Remember always write the article long more than your competitors. Minimum you should write the article 4000-5000 word.

many beginners in the blogging there Write a article very small. in the long run it will not help don’t get rank. your Bounce rate increases 70-90 will increase. so always try to write a long content. it will help to decrease the bounce rate. means the user will stay in your article and read your article for the long time. what the Google search engine things people for the visitors are interested in this article and spending their time in this article.

whenever you are writing a article. try to write at least 4000-5000 words in your article. and it should be unique article and it should be engaging article people should show interest it should not be any BS. make sure try to give as much as value to your visitor.

3.Choosing the wrong topic.

common mistakes bloggers

So many people what they will do means they just start the blogging because of they want to earn money but it is totally wrong and you have to predict so what they will do means they will choose a wrong topic means wrong topic means which has very less views less traffic nobody cares about the topic such topic you should not right

so always right choosing the topic is very important before buying a new domain make sure that the domain name should be your topic name relevance it will help to increase the ranking Google search engine for every article

many people start the blogging I don’t know how to choose the proper name please check out this article idea how to write write down right domain name.

4.No Proper SEO.

yes friends yes you also plays an important role. Many people in in the beginning of the blogging career that don’t do any SEO to the article. not a one day game the SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. you have to learn everyday. the proper way to learn SEO I have already made a course you can check out.

It will cover all the basics for the beginners in a blogging. and make sure that you should have at least one SEO tool. the most popular and my favourite are semi Rush SEO tool it was it is one of the best SEO tool which will easily help to rank your article on the Google search engine and and other search engine.

It’s awesome toll must should and use 12 there is a huge discount for your that is 14 days free trial is available go sign up and use for 14 days you don’t like it you can cancel it. it will shows how much the keyword difficulty is there for a particular keyword.

It gives complete idea English topic you how to target and what is the traffic for a keyword everything. so just go through it it will help a lot. if I continue with it will take a month together to tell what is SEO better I will be article 1 complete SEO. till then you go through some SEO tools that is a must try for 14 days it’s free completely.This is Common mistakes bloggers do.

5.Not writing Persuasive title.

many people start blogging publishing many articles but they don’t get any traffic might even get Impressions article but they fail to get a traffic and visitor to their website so sad right because how to persuade and attract the people to visit their blog or website here is a some of the five pursue a few words which will guaranteed help you these five things I have learned from my mentors. so try to use this 5 pursue a few words which are very useful.






so these are the 5 what’s you can use in your article for example let us take free word. how can we use a free word so here it is. the title should be like this: 5 secrets increase website traffic so this is this title can be used. see here

6. Not building email list

I still remember when I started on my blogging career. in 2016 I just was worrying about the traffic and SEO and many more but never focused upon the building email list. yes friends email is is one of the most important we have to collect email list. This is Common mistakes bloggers do try to avoid it. It will help in long term goal. So first thing is to build the email list as soon as possible you can take any email marketing tool such as mailchimp. mailchimp is very best for email marketing tool.

once you collect the email list next thing is to nurture the email list by giving some free PDF free courses for free videos. once you build the trust between the customers sell anything to them. sell the product which you use for yourself and which is best. so you can see here I am selling I use and which is best.

7. Not doing keyword research

Now a days Common mistakes bloggers do is Not doing any keyword research. Many people start blogging and write article regularly. but they don’t get enough traffic. they will have full enthusiasm after certain time they lose their motivation. because they don’t traffic to their website. why?

they don’t know one common mistakes most of the people do. try to avoid this one. that is keyword research. keyword research is one of the most important thing you need to do before publishing any article or writing an article. you need to do keyword research means try to collect the keywords which has less difficulty level and more traffic. if you are a beginner in blogging. focus on long tail keyword so that you can easily rank and get some decent amount of traffic. there are many SEO tool for keyword research.

1. semrush

2. h r e f s

3. KW finder

4. ubersuggest

semrush tool is one of my favourite tool for keyword research. which has helped me to get a thousands of traffic to my blog. you can try it for free for 14 days.

Always use proper Keywords for blog titles

8. Inconsistent blog post

Many people start their block but they don’t continue till the end. they are irregular in posting the articles. in a month they hardly publish one or two articles. in the first months when the start they publish up to one or two month and after that they will get exhausted.

this is because they don’t have any interest in writing a article they just want money. breathing blogging is that much easy. no way you have to give value before you take. does the simple rule that the universe runs.

Same here you should at least wait for one year without expecting anything. it will compound interest. after then it will give unlimited of revenue. trust me it will give back just you need to be continue with your blog post be interested in your topic. Inconsistent in writing the article is also Common mistakes bloggers do.

9. Not focusing on one topic or niche.

Started blogging in 2016 I made tons of mistake. I just wanted to make money somehow. but believe me I didn’t made any revenue 3 years. which made me exhausted and broke. but today I avoided so many mistakes and over came that mistake. not to repeat again. I was writing a article on different topics. not relevant to same industry. once I was talking about tech. once I got to talking about movies. games etc…

This is why I didn’t able to make a trust with the audience. so today you can see my blog it is only one topic that is blogging and digital marketing. always try to focus on only one topic which you are passionate about most. in the long run you will win. don’t try to write random topics picks everyday.

10. quantity over quality.

when I said you should write a long articles people do mistake means they try to write useless things. and simply make the article long. it’s not the proper way. before writing any article. please do proper research about the topic. write the article.

I have previously said that your article should contain at least 4000 to 5000 words. which doesn’t mean that you should write anything in the article. the article should be in such a way that it should solve the problem of the visitor. you should add value as much as possible. always quality should be more than quantity.

do you know that backlinko gets millions of traffic just from 30 articles. because of quality or quantity it the same way. Try to avoid this Common mistakes bloggers also.

11. Stop using the copyrighted images.

when the people start doing blogging. They try to start writing articles and they try to copy the images from the Google and paste it in their blog. this is wrong approach. Google will recognise the copyrighted images which you have copied and used in your blog. so try to avoid it copying the copyrighted images from the other blogs. once the Google recognizes their copyrighted images. it will decreases your ranking. and throw your article at the last pages.

you can download the images from the sources like

  • Unsplash
  • Burst

these are the free website where you can download the images and can use in your blog. and you can also create your own images some of the best website which are available to create your own images

  • Canva
  • Photoshop
  • Pablo from Buffer

12.They Start Blog at Free.

Many people start to write a article on a free blog. example like , stop using right now if you are writing a blog and you want to make money. it doesn’t happen. try to start a blog on self hosted. self hosted blogs are better than free blogs. it is easier to rank. and it is also easier to customization. there are many features WordPress blogs. if you don’t know how to create the the link given here.

highly recommended to start your blog in the WordPress. change you can add many themes many plugins and many more….

13. Not investing in the tools.

Many people start blogging but they never invest in buying necessary tools. some of the most important tools which I use in my own blog are

1.Thrive architect ( best for creating the home pages and landing pages)

2. SEO tool SemRush

3. WP rocket

4. email marketing tool convert kit

5. Generate press theme

and many more tools I have used in my blog but these are some of the most important tools I have used. since you want to earn money through blogging, so you need to invest money in blogging. blogging as business if you want to earn money. As said by blogging

14.Not Choosing Proper Hosting.

Main paper start blogging but they fail to take a good hosting provider. in the beginning I have also face this same problem no problem it happens with everyone. try to buy the best hosting provider hostings which I recommend is it is one of the best hosting provider. there is no server down in the middle. Hostinger is a well-rounded web host that boasts excellent customer service and uptime. It doesn’t offer phone support or dedicated hosting plans.

15.Not Optimizing the Image.

one more most common mistake do by the bloggers. they don’t optimise the image. yes, friends this is also one of the most common mistake blogging beginners do. do you know?

what is optimisation of image?

Optimisation of image is nothing but, It is a process in which the image file is reduced without decreasing its quality. if you do image Optimisation what it will help means it will help to increase your search engine because lower the file the faster it will upload.

follow this method, before publishing any article on your blog make sure that all the images optimised and minimum 3 to 5 images you should add to your blog. and one of the best tool for creating the images for your blog is use canva it’s free try now.


What should you not do in a blog?

1.Don’t Try to copy the article from other Blog.

2.Try to do Image Optimisation.

3.Not Investing in the Tools.

What should you not do in a blog?

The Most Common mistake they do is their goal is short term and not thinking long term.

How do I get my blog noticed?

Publish Unique content and be consistent.

Why is Blogger not secure?

They will not montise their blog fast.

How do I get my blog noticed on Google?

They are many ways but, my fav. is submit url link to Google search console.

What are the Common mistakes bloggers do?

1.No Proper SEO.

2.Not doing any Off Page SEO.

3.No Keyword Research.

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