Blogging Career in India 2021

Is blogging a good career in india 2021?

Is blogging is a good idea to start in india in 2021. Can Imake Blogging as a full Time career? Yes friends, of coarse blogging will never end. Because blogging can make you fortune. Yes, in the beginning, It may feel hard to start, but in the long run, blogging will always win with all the Competitor, such as you.

If you are putting the content in YouTube. And if you are uploading video in YouTube, as well as in the Facebook page or Instagram, etc. But all those are controlled by Google and their own platform owners,

But once you start blogging, the blogging will belongs to you. The main owner will be you only. So blogging is always a special, and always number one key to success. So start blogging. From now onwards.

If you want to start a Blog, There are a number of benefits from the blogging. Yes friends, There are a number of benefits from the blogging, you can earn money from many ways through blogging,

I will be telling you, 7 types of earning money through blogging. At the last. So before we start, I want to tell you that so many people do mistake, when they start blogging today and thinking that they start Earning money from tomorrow onwards, I will get money, no friends.

It’s not a get quick rich scheme. It is not just a casino type of games. It is a real game where you have to play for a long time, The person who put your most valuable content in the Google, then he will win in the long run. Yes friends. It’s very easy, but so many people will think very hard, what’s not like that.

You can easily do blogging, Just you need to have a particular niche, and in a particular niche, you have to get increase your content and knowledge, and you should never copy the content from the other website and paste in your blog.

Most of the people will do same mistake. This is why the most of the people will fail in blogging, and they, at last they will cry and tell blogging is waste of money. I simply wasted my money in domain hosting, SSL, email etc.

No, No.

It will not give results instantly friends, but in the long run, you will earn money, if you are consistent with your content, then blogging is the first to number one key to success in your life. I recommend, to Start a Blog that you should start blogging as soon as early. So, in this link I will be telling you the step by step how to start a blogging. No need to worry about that one, So, in this era, if a person does not have any blog, Then he don’t have any identity.

So why to Wait Start Your Blog right now

In the blogging, one more tool is very important. Yes friends, Email marketing is also very important. If 100 people are visiting your to your blog and you need to collect their email, which will be helpful for the further. If you’re publishing an article. after one month you are publishing one more article by collecting email, you can send the email directly to your customers, where the readers will read your blog.

So, hence the traffic will again be in your hand. So always try to do two things. That is one, you need to have a blog, and with that one, email marketing, email marketing tool should be used. This will help you in the long run, all the top bloggers, top to bottom bloggers which are most famous and most popular bloggers will do the same trick.No Doubt Blogging is Good career. future is the information is the Powerful weapon.

They just run the blog and also meanwhile they collect the emails. This is the secret of all the bloggers, most of the people what they will do, they just start the blog and try to put out content but they never, they forget about or taking the collection of the emails, but this is not the proper way friends.

If you want to win in the long run, in the blogging, then you need to collect the email as well as for email also I will be telling you. Now, another article, so don’t worry friends I will be helping you throughout this journey. So follow my steps, which will help you in the long run, don’t worry.

So, once you start with a blogging here are steps you need to follow through the blogging. So and. In this article, one more thing I need to tell you, just blogging, what is the URL for blogging. Blogging is nothing but just writing your own experience on particular topic, choose one topic and just keep on writing the content regularly. Blogging is Good career because it is the best way to Earn Money and its a passive way.

7 ways to make money with a blog

Friends, there are total 750 cores peoples in the world, all are connected to internet. If your article becomes famous, you will get monetize and you can quit your nine to five jobs. There are a number of ways to earn money through blogging. So, I will be telling you, seven ways of money you can earn through blogging now.

So number one is that you can create your own blog and run a Google Adsense through Google Adsense you can earn money. Number two,

if you are in a particular niche and you are writing on a particular topic, and you can create your own course, how to start a blog and for example I am an expert in digital marketing as well as blogging,So, I can create my own course, and sell in my own blog, which can, I can charge, any, any amount that is the number two.

And we can even do the consultation, third number is a consultation we can create a consultation we can charge, how much our we want a consultation fees we can take through the blogging, that is one more thing.

Nothing, but you can do affiliate marketing yes finds affiliate marketing is also one of the most famous thing you can do through the blogging, and you can try affiliate marketing, there is a huge scope in affiliate marketing in the future also affiliate marketing will win in the long run because so many people so many good companies are giving affiliate programs in their website, where they are giving a commission up to 40% friends, so don’t miss out start blogging and try to do affiliate programs also.

So you can start your own digital marketing agency, or if you are good at something, for example if you are good at content writing, then you can start your own, that is you can do the job in the freelancing. as a content writer, or you can set, you can help the other people to set up their own blog and then also you can charge money . Okay, this is one more way. And you get to expertise in SEO and you can do SEO services. That is one more thing.

If your blog gets tons of traffic then, you can run sponsorship ads. the big companies approach you and will run the ads on your blog.

You can sell your own Books and Ebooks in your blog and Start Earning Money.

Blogging is Good career in 2021 and It is a Ever Green Career. where you can Earn Money while you sleep . So, I highly Recommend you start your Blogging Journey Now. Step by step to Start a Blog from Scratch in 2021.


Can blogging be a career?

Yes, ofcoarse blogging can a good career to start. You can become Part-time or Full time blogger.

Can blogs be successful?

It Requires atleast 6-12months to become successful Blogger. You need to put content regularly. weekly/monthly.

How do I start a career in blogging?

Go to and search Start a Blog. You can a article read and Apply Step by Step.

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