Top 10 Bloggers in the world in 2021

10 Famous Bloggers And Blogs In The World | High Earning Bloggers 2021

Here, In this Article you get Complete Information of Top 10 Famous Bloggers And Blogs In The World | High Earning Bloggers 2021.So lets Start.

            These names here are given by WPressBlog with their earnings details. It maybe vary because many bloggers don’t reveal earnings and if you are blogger you know only the person who is earning can tell his total income and assets.

            You may have heard many people say that blogging is their passion and they don’t want to earn many from it. Just ignore those people as much I know maximum people want to earn from blogging.

            Blogging may not be your passion but you have to do it passionately because it requires lots of effort and patience. The main reason why I am saying this is because it takes little time to earn money from the blogging.

            Why blogging is good business? The main reason for it is less investment just you require laptop or desktop with internet connection is enough with little knowledge of blogging.

            Can I earn more than my 9-5 job? Yes, you can earn more than what you are earning from your 9-5 job. Many bloggers earning is in millions of dollors.

List of top 10 bloggers of world with their details

  1. Arriana Huffington

Arriana Huffington started her blogging in 2005 with “Huffington Post” blog. Her topic about blogging is life & politics. It is very successful blog till now in blogging world.

Total earning of this blog till date is more than $1 Billion. How Huffington blog earn? Sponsored advertisement is main source of income by the banners.

The website is which started in 2005 and have estimated visitors now are 90 Million per month.

Huffington Post domain authority is around 94/100 and with Global Alexa Rank of 734. The approximate earning of Huffington Post is $240 Million per year.

2.Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas started blogging by the blog named “Engadget” in 2004. As this blog name says gadget this blog tells all about gaming, entertainment technology product.

Peter Rojas main income is through direct advertisement. Which earns around $50 Million per year.

Engadget website is which started in 2004 and have estimated visitors now are 31 Million per month.

Engadget domain authority is around 93/100 and with Global Alexa Rank of 1098. The earning of Engadget is $50 Million per year.

3.Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin founded a “Moz”. If you are blogger you may heard of this moz it is very famous for its Search Engine Optimization.

It is started in 1998 for helping bloggers through providing good articles to increase their blogs rank.

Moz website is started in 1998. Now this website traffic per month is 3 Million.

Moz website domain authority is 91/100 with global alexa rank of 3139 which earns around $35 Million per month.

4.Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore started this “Mashable” in year of 2005. Mashable publish articles on many topics such as science, technology, culture, entertainment, travel and many more.

Pete Cashmore’s website is started in year of 2005. This website monthly traffic is nearly 14 Million.

Mashable website Domain Authority is 93/100 with Global Alexa Rank of 1374. Mashable website earns around $30 Million per year.

5.Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington blog name is TechCrunch which started in year of 2005. As name of blog says it says about technical news like new mobile, gadgets, apps and also about start-ups.

Michael Arrington’s website is started in year of 2005. Now this website has monthly traffic of 17 Million.

TechCrunch website’s Domain Authority is 94/100 with Global Alexa Rank of 1476. TechCrunch earning per year is almost $23 Million.

6.Brian Clark

Brian Clark started his blogging by blog name “CopyBlogger” which is best content marketing advice provider blogs.

Brian Clark website is started in year 2005. Its monthly visitors 500k.

CopyBlogger website’s Domain Authority is 81/100 with Global Alexa Rank of 12449. CopyBlogger earning per year is around $32 Million.

7.Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr

Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr has a blog name “Perez Hilton”. Perez Hilton blog tells about controversial gossip website.

Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr’s website is started in a year 2005. Its website per month visitors are 2.1 Million.

Perez Hilton website’s Domain Authority is 89/100 with Global Alexa Rank 11877. Perez Hilton website earning per year $42 Million.         

8.Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas have another blog named “Gizmodo” which tells about topics like design and technology.

Gizmodo website link is which was started in year of 2002 by Peter Rojas. Which now has traffic of 22 Million per month.

Gizmodo have Domain Authority of 93/100 with Global Alex Rank of 1748. Peter Rojas earns from Gizmodo website around $5 Million per year.

9.Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman blog name is “Smashing Magazine” which has article regarding web design and web development.

Smashing Magazine website is published in year of 2006. Now its monthly traffic is about 2.3 Million.

Smashing Magazine have Domain Authority of 91/100 with Global Alex Rank 13277. Vitally earns per earns from his website Smashing magazine approximately $5.5 Million per year.

10.Cyan Claire

Cyan Claire owns a blog “Tuts+” which mainly focus on web design & web development tutorials to help designer and developers.

Cyan Claire’s website is started in year of 2008. It has traffic of 10 Million per month.

Tits+ Domain Authority is 90/100 and have Global Alex Rank 1487. Tits+ website earning per year is $10 Million.

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Above mentioned bloggers earn mainly due to direct advertisement and according my knowledge I included them here but if any blogger missing please provide us details we will include them in upcoming edits soon.

The ultimate goal of all these article is to understand that blogging can earn you in millions just you have to work hard and have some patience. There is a saying “Patience always pays”.

To start a blog just refer my other articles which I wrote for beginner’s point of view. In that article I explained step by step process of blogging. All the best.    

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