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What is Affiliate Marketing in Digital Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing in Digital Marketing

Do you want to know what is Affiliate marketing in Digital Marketing, means you are at right place. I have explained complete details information about Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a commission based marketing if A is seller with product he need help to sell it so interested people will apply for it than the seller will choose the best among them and give right to sell his product.

So you may wonder what will you get if you sell his product so the seller will give some percentage from his profit and it vary from 0.1% to 40% or sometime even more. depending on the product. Usually software product has highest percentage of commission like 25% to 40% but other physical product like electronics, fashion, health products have 10% commission.

Now affiliate marketing is really amazing for both product owner and the affiliate marketer who sells it because many people have good products but don’t have skill to sell or doesn’t have enough resources to sell.

So, affiliate marketing gives opportunity to new businessman that their product can be sold if it is worth with the help of affiliate marketing. The person who can sell products but doesn’t have any business idea or opportunity he can sell products and earn money.                  

Importance of Affiliate Marketing

                        Why affiliate marketing is important as I explained in introduction there are many people present with ideas & innovations are there but those people doesn’t know how to sell their idea or innovations than affiliate marketing help them. You maybe genius with best product with you but if can’t sell it than it worthless you can see a marketer can sell the product so now a day’s marketer has more value than any other profession.

                        I will give you an example of software product which is giving now a day 40% of the product value I know it is shocking for you that is if product is $100 than you are selling that product you will get $40 from it that means you are earning as much as the owner of software product.

Think about owner of that software product who created that product, maintaining it and even resolving the customer’s queries so he need to spend some amount for that right. Now you are as an affiliate marketer just sell it and get 40% of it.      

How to become an affiliate marketer?

                        To become an affiliate marketer first you have to select which type of product you want to sell so if you want to sell physical product than you have apply at amazon and if you want to sell software product than there are plenty of affiliate marketing platforms are available you can apply over there.

                        Applying process and requirements, now you have decided what do you want to sell than where do you want to promote it I will give you example suppose I want to sell phone than I will prefer a website I will write that top 10 best phones available for gaming and write article about it in a website than people will search for it and click on my article and purchase it.

You may be wondering how am I gone get money for writing it now apply for amazon affiliate with that website and article than amazon will check your website and give you the affiliate. You attach that affiliate link below your recommended mobile people who visited your website will go to amazon through your link if they purchase it you will get percentage in it.

                        Now days mobiles and electronic gadgets are common so you won’t get much commission from it. I prefer software or uncommon products like fitness, beauty they have good commissions. While you are applying for any product just make sure that you have good platform to sell or promote it YouTube & Websites are popular among them.

                        Note: Before applying to any affiliate just write a blog or make a video about it and give that link.       

How to make affiliate marketing?

                        Basically you need one platform for promotion of that product it maybe YouTube, website/blog , Facebook or Instagram pages, or many more. And you need to be perfect in that platform with good number of followers who are interested in that product you want to sell. After the platform apply for an affiliate of that product which you want to sell than gave them link of your platform which gives them confidence that you can sell their product easily.

                        After getting an affiliate start promoting the product on your platform. You may be asking is it necessary to have a Website/Blog or YouTube channel? The answer is not completely yes because while applying for affiliate they usually ask that how you are going to sell our product than you can choose other than these Website/Blog or YouTube channel.

The Best way to do Affiliate marketing is through Blogging. Why Blogging is important for affiliate marketing? Blogging is the best because the traffic which comes in the blog are high quality. they easily convert in to sales.

Don’t Worry If you don’t have the Blog start reading this article.

👉How to Start a Blog in 2021 [Step by step]

How to earn faster way from affiliate marketing?

                        Answer is Google & Facebook. The biggest market in internet world is google and next to it is Facebook so now how to use it just simple thing run an advertisement on google & Facebook regarding your affiliate product. No need to worry about those affiliate product owners because maximum product owner support advertisement on google and Facebook but for safer side check their terms and condition.                        

How to start affiliate marketing without money?

                        So far we know that to do any business or sell something we need money right but in this affiliate marketing you don’t need money but if you have money it will boost your sell and minimize your effort.

                        I will explain how you can sell something without investing money from an example imagine a X want to sell a product than he can promote that product on your blog, Facebook & Instagram page or YouTube channel which are free platform.

                        you can write a blog or article about it in blogger website which is free from google side known as write article on that product and sell it. There are many ways to affiliate market.     

5 best affiliate marketing for beginner

Amazon affiliates (Physical Products): Yes you heard it right amazon affiliate is best for beginners I know it give very less commission which seems negligible compare to your effort but believe me for beginners I recommend amazon. It will give you good experience and it is easy among other affiliate marketing so you don’t lose hope because of not getting result.

Amazon Affiliates : Click Here

Bluehost affiliate: Blogging and creating website is become very popular for that web hosting is necessary and hostinger provides excellent hosting and also good amount of commission up to 60%. Always try to take affiliate of a good product and promote good product so in web hosting hostinger is all-rounder product so you will be happy to recommend and you will get high commission comparatively.

Bluehost: Click here

Semrush: for bloggers & digital marketer Semrush is best tool and not only that it gives highest affiliate commission of 40%. So now days in affiliate marketer prefer semrush.

SemRush: Click here

Thrive architect: it is necessary page builder used by WordPress website users. Thrive architect give affiliate about 35% commission.

Thrive Architect: Click here

Clickfunnel: it helps for creating sales funnel which people used to increase sale and optimise their website to get good conversion. Clickfunnel commission is around 40%.

Instamojo: It is Payment Gateway. by which you can sell the Digital Product. You can even sell pdf, ebooks or courses. Earn Money on Every referal.

Instamojo: Click here

What are affiliate marketing networks?

                                Affiliate marketing network are in-between links of affiliate marketer and product owner. For example, Semrush affiliate is managed by shareAsale affiliate network.

                                In market there are plenty of affiliate marketing network available some of them are as follows, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate & ClickBank etc.        

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What is Affiliate marketing meaning with example?

It is type of Advertising model. where company the gives a commission on every sales or Leads. Best Example is Amazon Affiliate Program.

How do I become an affiliate marketer?

1.Choose a Product you want to Promote.
2.Join the affiliate program.
3.Get a affiliate link.
4.Drive traffic to your blog or Youtube.
5.Paste the Affiliate links in the Blog or Youtube

how to become an affiliate marketer without a website?

Yes, ofcourse you can become affiliate marketer without website.
1.Join the Affiliate Program e.g.:Amazon affiliate Program.
2.Copy the Product Affiliate Links from the Amazon.
3.Share in your facebook, Instagram or whatsapp Group.

How do affiliates get paid?

Affiliate companies usually pays on the traffic on the website, Leads or Sales. Once you done with these task. They pay money on monthly bases.

Do you have to pay to be an affiliate?

No, you need any amount to become affiliate Marketer. Most of the time its Free to Join the affiliate Program. Sometimes you need to Sign up the Affiliate Program.

Which is the best affiliate program?

There many Affiliate programs :
1.Amazon Affiliate Program.
2.Share a Sale.
3.CJ affiliate.
4.Filpkart Affiliate Program. Affiliate Program.

Is Affiliate Marketing worth it?

Yes, of course affiliate marketing is the Best way to Earn money. Because Here, It is win- win- win Situation for all. Company gets sales, the affiliate marketer gets paid, the Customer is happy for the Product.

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