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25 Best ways to increase traffic to your website 2022

Increase the Traffic to the website

Here is Secrets, How I Got Tons of Traffic to one of Blog. Over 250+keywords are Ranked on SERP With in 6 Months.

Are you not getting Traffic and Worried. How to get traffic to your website. Well It’s Very Common to the Beginners.

Are you worried about Increase traffic to your website 2021. And Don’t know how to get tons of traffic to your website.

So, Here is a solution to increase traffic to your website. Try to use At least 6 months and Get incredible Results. there are many ways you can improve the performance of a website. Which I will be talking in this article.these are best traffic booster.

Believe me.

After Reading this article, You will get complete Idea’s. How to get traffic to your website Easily.

So, Lets Start…

1.Choose a proper title for your blog post.

Yes, friends title plays a very important role in SEO and increasing the traffic to your website. Many people are neglecting the title, but title plays a very important role for increasing traffic. If you focus on the short tail keyword.

There will be a very huge competition. In the short tail keyword. So try to avoid the short tail keyword and try to write a long tail keyword, which has more traffic, Less competition. How can you achieve this one. By using some SEO tool, maybe free one, or paid one I recommend you to use this SEMrush SEO tool.

2.Writing a good description.

Description also plays a very important role, while increasing the traffic, the word in title should be same in the description also. if we write a good description, which is related to our article. and try to write a catchy description, eye catching description. So always try to write a description clearly and your customers should take action.

3.Add Tags related to Article.

Once you’re finished with the title, description, and now it comes tags. Tags are also important while three while increasing the website traffic, Adding a relevant tags to your article increases the traffic to your website.

for example, whenever I write article on a digital marketing, then your title tags your minimum five tags should be used, For example, digital marketing means you can write a tags like digital marketing, Google Ads, Facebook ads, email marketing and website. Add tags which is related to the article. I recommend to add at least 5 tags to your article.

4.Always Content is the King.

Always content is the king. If you’re a blogger or a website owner, Try to write at least 2500 words to 3000 words in your each Article. why you need to add this much of words.

If you write a long article. first thing what will happen means the bounce rate will decrease means that people will get engaged in your article. Once the People get engaged in Article means, Google will recognize that your article is important, and other people’s are reading your article.

what the Google search engine thinks that you should get a better ranking in the search results. And second point is, if you write a long, long article, then there are chances that so many words in the article, the keywords gets ranked. This is the same way I did, I got a 1000s of traffic in one of my websites.

So try to write a long article, and with a space between the paragraphs, and try to write, engaging content. Always remember content is the king, and try to publish. At least two article per week.

5. Add SEO Plugin tool.

Don’t use more plugin’s unnecessarily, use plugins which are very necessary only, use SEO Yoast plugin. Yes, SEO Yoast plays an important role in doing SEO to your blog or website. Try to install it. Use the SEO Yoast plugin, which will help to increase your ranking of article in the Google search engine, or any other search engine.

It will also suggest you. It will guide you like a mentor, what has to be written in the article, how much words should be written the title, description and tags… It will also show the SEO Score. Is your article is SEO friendly or not. Must Use tool.

Even it will also suggest whether your article is properly divided into paragraphs. It will also suggest you some key points like description, tags and it will also show the Readability score. So, try to install the SEO Yoast plugin and use it you will get a very huge benefits.

6.Increase the page speed.

Try to increase the Page loading Speed. So many people will neglect the page loading speed. Do you know, if your website loads very slow. Then, you will be losing 1000s of views to your website.

If it slows down to just two second, you may lose up to 25% of traffic. So, never install unnecessary plugins in your website, and try to optimize your page speed. You can check your Page Speed in Google itself or GT and try to increase the Page Speed. Remove unnecessary plugins from your website.

7.Submit your blog post url to the Google search engine.

Submit post URL to the search engine. So many people do this mistake. The adjust writer article, everything very nicely. Then just publish it, but they forget to copy that post URL and submit to the search engine.

So to submit this URL to the search engine. What you have to do means just go into the Google account and search. Google Search Console. Just log in and submit your website url. Once you submit with a website copy that URL of the post, and paste it in your Google Search Console, just as submitted.

By doing this, your traffic will increase. And Google will recognize the article has been published. It’s very important to submit your post URL to the search engine.

8.Try to do on Page SEO.

Try to do on page SEO. Before publishing your article I don’t know if you try to do on page SEO, your website will traffic will increase.
on page SEO means you can include internal linking. You can try to optimize your images. And you can take a keyword and out wander, Some linking to other website. These types of things here are called on page SEO, try to do it, and also do a internal linking to other post of your website.

9.Try to do Off page SEO.

Try to do off page SEO, off page SEO means doing a backlinking to your website. If you publish any article, then try to share this article to your social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Quora and other platforms also from there also you will get a traffic. This is called Off page SEO and you can also try to do backlinks. Create a backlinks and get a traffic from other blogs also try to use this one also try to focus mainly on content.

10.Image Optimisation.

Image of Optimization is also very important. Why image optimization is important image optimization means, if you upload a image which is in mb in your article, for example one image, one mb, then that total loading time of that particular article will be very high. So, to decrease that the loading page.

you have to optimize your image means converting mb of your image to 100 KB or less. This is called image optimization. If you decrease the loading time of the page. If the speed increases, then obviously, number of users and visitors increases. So, image optimization plays an important role. You can use many plugins, for example, short pixels, like this, or you can do manually also.

11.Use Light weight Theme for website.

Try use the light weight theme for your website. If you increase site speed, Automatically the visitors also increases to your website. So there are many themes available in the WordPress, you can download any one, but I personally recommend you to use generate press theme. It is very lightweight theme for wordpress. It is highly optimized mobile friendly theme. So try to use the Generate press premium theme. Your website will will load faster.

12.Add AMP Plugin to your website.

AMP means accelerated mobile pages can help to create a responsive website means whenever a person is searching the article. And if he opens your article, it will help to get a SEO friendly mobile article. It will help to increase the site speed or means it will remove all the JavaScript and unnecessary CSS, all components, and only shows only text.

So site speed becomes very very fast. So you can use a AMP. that will increase the site speed and visitors also

13.Do Keyword Research.

Before writing any article try to do keyword research. Try to Use some of the SEO tools like SEMRUSH tool or Ahref’s Tool for Keyword research tool. Pick up the words which have less competition and high traffic. you can also use some of the free tools like Ubersuggest. Its Free for first 3 search /day.

A SEO Tool is a MUST I highly Recommend to use SEMRUSH SEO Tool. It will helps in many ways.

It will be very helpful, try to use a SEO tool, it will help to get keyword, your keyword research, then it will help you to write a better title for your website with the high traffic with low competition keyword, you will get. And you will get a very High the traffic to your website. Very important try to use one SEO tool for your website.

14.Start Posting Articles on Facebook.

Start posting article on a social media. For example, Facebook. Once you publish a new article into our website or a blog. Copy the blog post URL and paste to the Google Search Console. Submit to the search engines like Google and Bing, etc.

The next step is to copy this article URL and paste to your Facebook page Facebook group, Facebook. Personal Profile wherever in the Facebook. What is the advantage means what will happen mean. you will get a backlink. And you will also get the traffic easily and very fast. Try to use the Facebook also to increase to get traffic to your website.

15. start posting Articles URL in the other Facebook group.

Once you’re finished with the article. You can also try to join the other Facebook groups, there will be a number of Facebook groups, pages, just go and join the related Facebook group like blogging website group or digital marketing groups.

Then once you join there, then try to write some 10 to 15 lines about the article in the group itself, and try to pitch at the end, or paste the link of your article, and it will be very powerful if you use tape straight, and you will easily get up to hundreds of traffic within a day, and try to build your own Facebook group community once you get a traffic, try to use that one also.

16.Start Writing Articles on Quora?

Start writing article on Quora. If you’re worried to get traffic, then there is a huge opportunity you get tons of traffic from the Quora, try to search a popular keyword in the Quora and try to write an answer related to the popular Quora questions, which has a huge followers in a Quora right at least 800 to 1000 of words in the of Quora and create a backlink to your article.

This will help to increase your website traffic. Use Quora, to get traffic and also create your own space in the Quora and make your own community in the Quora, which will help to increase your website traffic.

17.Create a Backlink to your website.

Creative a backlink. Creating a backlink is so important. Once you’re done with publishing your article, then try to create a backlink from the other website. Just go to relevant article search in Google, and go to any website, and in the comment section.

Try to comment that your article is very good, like there’s something you should have your positive appraisals, to the other website are bloggers. Then paste your URL of the article, then you can get tons of traffic from that also try to create a backlinks nowadays you can even create a backlink from the Wikipedia also try to use Wikipedia.

18.Start Posting Images in the Pinterest and Get Traffic.

Start posting images on Pinterest and get traffic from the Pinterest. Nowadays, Pinterest is also gaining a lot of popularity. So it is gradually increasing day by day the interest of the pin interest. So try to post at least 1 image and get paste the link to your website, and get tons of traffic from there also.

When you are getting tons of follower in the Pinterest. Try to use as a traffic source for the pin interest also. Make your own community in the Pinterest also. That’s also good.

19.Start youtube channel .

#1 trick to get tons of traffic to your website is start a YouTube channel. Youtube is the 2nd Largest search engine after Google. the second largest search engine is YouTube search engine. So start creating the videos Upload to the youtube, and also try to upload the videos into website.

be consistent in uploading the video’s at least two videos a week of very high quality, and in the description box try to paste the article link and get a high amount of traffic from the YouTube. Start doing right now.

20.Start Posting Images/video’s in the Instagram Reels.

Start posting the images on Instagram, Try to upload Instagram Reels, Try to upload Images and Video on Consistent bases. Paste the Url link in the Bio. of the Instagram.

Try to tell the audience that once you publish the video or some images. tell the visitors that to visit our website, just the link, show the link address in the bio. This will also helps to increase the traffic to your website.

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21. Get instant Traffic to your website

If you want to get a very high traffic within a short period of time, then just go for Facebook ads, It’s very cheap. It’s very affordable and cheaper price to run ads and get a very high traffic. I also tried so many times it given a good results but you have to invest some money for running the ads.

There also you can get a lot of traffic to your website, It’s helpful if you use a Facebook pixel, then you can also retarget and increase your sales. also if you have any digital product, or some physical product, or if you want to collect the leads also that’s also good. Try to use Facebook ads to get a traffic to your website.

22.Start Running Google Ads.

To get a instant traffic to your website. Run a Google ads, Google ads is also very powerful than the Facebook ads. But, the main issue with the Google ads is. Google ads is three to four times costlier than the Facebook ads, and Google ads is very good at conversions and get a very high quality traffic.

so if you want to sell anything physical, digital products, anything courses, etc, then, go for Google ads, you can easily close the deal with the Google ads and get tons of traffic with Google ads, but you have to get the knowledge about the Google ads, At the beginning one month you have to invest and learn about the Google ads.

It is somewhat typical than that of Facebook ads. But it is very good. Google ads, most of the big giants and companies will use Google ads as the main source of traffic and get highest sales through the Google ads.

23.Customise your Url to Title.

Create custom the URL of the title URL. Whenever you are publishing an article. Then, before publishing, any article, you should know blog or website. Try to customize the URL that should be same as Title. If you are you writing an article.

for example, The title should also include the best Shoes for running, and your URL should also be written as best to shoes for running, and in the description also write the same keyword in the description.

Also, it will help to increase, SEO, and increase that traffic to our website, You can add tags like Shoes, running, best shoes, 2021, training shoes, you can write this type of tags in that one.

And also write, paste or upload the featured image of the shoes like this you can try to convince the Google search engine that your article is very highly SEO optimized. So, in this way you can increase the traffic to our website,

24.Add Frequently asked questions to your article.

FAQs, is one of my favorite thing, FAQs means frequently asked questions.

Once you’re finished with writing the article. At the end of the article. Add FAQs, frequently asked question. At least try to write five FAQ’s that is which are similar to your article only try to take five question most asked question and try to answer at least 300 keywords.

300 words should be there in each question and answers. So like this way you it will help you to increase the website traffic also.

25.Remove unnecessary Plugin’s.

Remove all unnecessary plugins from your website. Yes friends, if you install so many plugins and some plugins are not useful and some plugins will be not interacting with the other plugins. It will create a load on the website. Hence, it will decreases the page loading speed, and hence it decreases the visitors.

Try to use the most important plugin only, try to avoid most plugins, which are unnecessary. if you’re not using just a delete the Plugin’s. It will help to increase your website loading speed. Hope you enjoyed my article.

I hope it will be useful to you try to follow all these guidelines, it will surely help you to increase the traffic to our website.

Yes, SEO is not a one day game. Friends, truely speaking, it requires at least months together to get a SEO friendly article. If you’re new to the website, then I probably think that, I’ve probably experienced that. You will not rank easily within a few months. At least you are required 6months to 1year to Rank on Google search engine.  

Conclusion:This is the Complete in depth Article on “25 Best ways to increase traffic to your website 2021” In this Article I have Shared “25 Best ways to increase the traffic to your website 2021” Surely It will Help you to Increase the Traffic to your blog or website. No. 7 and 13 are my favourite method.

Tell me which point you Liked the most and comment section.

Now, it’s your turn to apply these methods on your website and increase the Traffic.

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How can I increase my website traffic in India?

There are many ways to increase the website traffic
1.write a long tail Keyword.
2.Do keyword research.
4.Avoid short tail keyword.
5.Post the article on the social media.
6.Add atleast 5 tags to each blog post.

Which is the best seo tool for increasing the website traffic?

The best SEO tool is SEMRUSH Highly Recommended.

What is good website traffic?

The content is always King. Try to Focus on content.

How can I get 1000 traffic a day?

If you want 1000 traffic a day means go for Facebook ads or Google ads.

Which is the most visited website?

1 92.5B
2 34.6B
3 25.5B
4 6.6B
5 6.1B

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