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Simply Earn Online Money in 2022 – Digital Marketing

How to Earn Money Online in 2021

If you are here means you want to earn money online if you are looking here for data entry and easy jobs, I am sorry you will be disappointed because I won’t recommend that kind of work. But I can promise you if you follow any one of these 7 methods you can Simply earn online money.

All these 7 methods are tried trusted genuine methods, and I am here to help you. you may have question why do you have to trust me because I have seen and experienced all these 8 methods if you work hard you may earn huge amount of money from these following methods if not at least you will Get Enough money to clear your monthly expenditures.

you may have searched simply earn online or earn money online that means you are looking for jobs like work from home type or work which you can do in your spare time so these following works are like a hobby which you can do on weekends

1.Google AdSense, Earn Money Through Google AdSense.

How to earn money by Google AdSense many of you know about Google AdSense. For earning from Google AdSense people usually start a blog or YouTube channel. 

You may be thinking how blogging and YouTube channel will get money usually people start blogging and get a traffic to their blog and those people who are visiting your blog to get some information are potential customers for Google. 

If you have enough traffic to your blog you can apply for Google AdSense and Google will check your blog and give you Google AdSense how it will work means Google will put ads on your blog if the visitor to your blog, click that ad Google will earn some money and it will give some percentage to you so it is given & take policy. 

The same thing YouTube channels you own a YouTube channel with the potential customers or subscribers then Google AdSense activate your Google AdSense account. 

Whenever someone view your YouTube video he will see ad by Google and Google will earn money and it will share it with you. 

First and foremost, thing to start a blog or YouTube channel you must need a content you can choose content about which you have good knowledge. 

The content may be about your city or your career anything which you like but if you choose something which is trending and on which Google ads are popular then you will earn more money.

2.Affiliate Marketing, Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing.

First I will tell you what is affiliate marketing in simple words if person has a product & he want to sell it but single person can’t sell enough to make huge profit and if he hires salesman then also he can’t make huge profit so he come up with an idea if somebody sell his product he will give 5% to the person who bring customer so this is called an affiliate marketing. 

There are many platforms available for affiliate marketing one of the famous is Amazon affiliate marketing apart from Amazon affiliate marketing there are some software affiliate marketing platforms are available like a shareAsale, CJ affiliate, click Bank etc.

How affiliate marketing work first you need to apply for affiliate and you need to show them you can sell their product after that explain the product details in your blog or YouTube channel and tell them to buy from your affiliate link. 

So every time if someone purchases from your affiliate link you will get percentage with the affiliate marketing platform has promised it is the best way of earning then Google AdSense because Google AdSense have huge competition.

3.Make A Courses and Sell, Earn Money Online.

This is very trending now a day’s during lockdown of covid-19 many people adjusted with online learning. 

If you have some knowledge about something which you think, you know more than others then you can make a course regarding your knowledge and you can charge money for that. 

It may seem little complicated but it’s not I will explain you about my experience recently I have seen course regarding photography there is a person who isn’t graduate but passionate about photography he started his career as photographer but couldn’t earn much in lockdown so he started to teach about photography to interested people online and made good amount of money.

 So there are of plenty of people who are interested in learning. There are people who want to learn but doesn’t want to travel or doesn’t want to leave comfort zone for learning so for that kind of people online classes and courses are very useful. if you have any knowledge you can share by making course.

4.Start A YouTube Channel and Earn Money Online.

How to earn money by YouTube channel people always think Google AdSense is only option for YouTube channel if you also think like that then you are wrong there are many ways to earn in YouTube.

I will explain you now, if you review any product it may be physical product or any software and only interested people will be watching that so they will purchase that product and if you have affiliate of that product than you will earn from that. 

I will give you an example I have seen on YouTube people talk about second hand cars and if you visit and purchase that car then the person who show that car on YouTube will get Commission. 

The same way people also selling their products online by YouTube I will give you another example I have seen a Saree Store (Cloth shop) which promote their saree on YouTube and sell them on YouTube. 

Like this people selling their products or someone else products and getting Commission or profit. 

You don’t want to do all these things just add content on YouTube and wait for Google AdSense to activate and if Google AdSense starts then you will get money from that.

5.Start A Blogging and Earn Money Online.

Blogging is also same as YouTube but it has less reach then YouTube but you will earn more in blogging. Here is also Google AdSense will give you money but it will take more time. 

So I would suggest you go for affiliate marketing or promote others product. I will give you a good example which I have come across person who promote dental hospital in his City so anyone who is looking for dental hospital in that city he will read that blog and to the dental hospital which was suggested in that blog for that the dental hospital will give him money. 

So in blogging if you didn’t get a Google AdSense approval then you can promote Amazon product as Amazon affiliate marketing blog or you can promote any software or something else and earn money.

6.Create App and Sell Earn Money Online.

It is little complicated because it required good technical knowledge. As you heard you have to create an app and sell I will explain you briefly.  

As I earlier told you that you can sell products on YouTube or by blog but you want to extend it than create an app that is e-commerce website. 

I will explain this by giving an example I have seen sweet e-commerce app so basically there is a famous sweet store in certain City but they want to sell online in same city so some xyz person created an app if anybody want to purchase sweets they can order online. 

Actually this method is useful if you own a store because usually the person who created app don’t get much money the owner of Store will earn more money.

Even if you have some product and can’t sell it just create app and sell it online. For example, if you have some product which is famous at your hometown and you get it there in cheap price than you can create an app for ecommerce and sell that product with huge margin.

7.Start A Quora and Pinterest account = Earn Money Online.

As you know what is Quora and Pinterest it is online platform to share your knowledge so there are some methods like if your answers is viewed by this many people than you will get certain amount and also because of you Quora get traffic than you will earn money it may seems easy but it is not it require too much time and patience.

I will tell you short cut just promote your website or blog or YouTube. I will tell you how can you promote it just find question related to your topic than answer that question and promote it.

I won’t explain about this more because this method completely depends on you and your knowledge.      


       After reading above whole article you may got hint that I am very much attached to affiliate marketing. There is good explanation for that whatever I have earned is from affiliate marketing and there are people who are earning from 500$ to 10000$ or even more.  As my Recommendation Affiliate Marketing is Always the Best way to simply Earn online Money.

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