5 Best SEO tools for Digital Marketing agencies in 2022

Are you searching for best seo tools for digital marketing agencies. Then, you are at right place. It has been many Years I have tried both free and as well as paid SEO tool. Some of the tool worked very well some are very worst. Here, I will tell you which one is the Best SEO for Digital Marketing Agencies.

SEO is not a short term Game. If you want to win the Game. Please Listen
my words. Always keep SEO as a long term game it will give high returns.

If you ask me : which is one of the Best SEO Tool I recommended?

The Answer is straight forward is SEMRush SEO tool. It is the Best tool I
highly Recommend.

Don’t believe me, SEMRush is Trusted by the World’s Best Companies –
Walmart, Tesla, IBM, Apple, Amazon and many more…

Try SEMRush Free for 14days.

            Every Website owner goal is to be in 1st page of search engine to achieve it SEO is important. How does SEO works, SEO means Search Engine Optimization you have to optimise your website for search engine & how to achieve it?

It includes many process like while writing article it should be unique that means original not copied one and using keywords which attract people about your topic didn’t understood what I am saying don’t worry I will give an example

if you are writing an article regarding earphones usually what people search in general, “5 best earphones under 500rs” or anything like this so choosing keywords is main thing.

After keyword, Main heading & article writing now left is images so images should not be copyright one or copied and images should be less in size with good resolution.

What I told till now is just small part of SEO it also depends on your website loading speed which should minimal as much as possible. What is on-page SEO & off-page SEO, as on-page is something which can be controlled by you it totally depends on your heading, topics you choose to write and images you used & right keywords.

which users are searching for it for example some users search for earphone less than 500rs your website should contain all the information which should suggest user that all earphone are under 500rs and right keyword should be there which google (Search Engine) should understand that.

Now about off-page SEO it is little complicated it mainly depends on backlinks which are like social media bookmarks, videos. SEO is very big topic to be considered and also time consuming to overcome this hurdles SEO tools are available on market.

SEO tools check your website find errors you are doing or why your website is not on top of search result in search engine it does help to improve your both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. I will tell best SEO tools available in market.

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5 Best SEO tools for Digital Marketing Agencies:-


SEMRUSH Review 2021

         Semrush have many tools inside it which help your sites SEO, whenever you start in semrush first provide your website & domain details to a semrush it will analyse and tells you about your website condition and errors which making your website slow. Semrush suggest edits like content and bank link errors if you rectify the errors semrush pointed.

you will see increase in traffic to your website. Not only it tells about your website it also helps to spy on your competitor’s website and by looking at your competitor website you will know how they are performing and all. It also suggests new keywords by looking at your website & domain details.

Semrush have amazing tool called Keyword Magic Tool how does it works whenever you have key word on which you want to write an article but you may know that somebody else also wrote an article on same keyword and he will rank high if he has good website ranking or good back links and so on.

And now how to overcome from this, the answer is use long tail keyword instead of short tail keyword you may wonder what is long tail keyword & short tail keyword I will explain it with example “Best earphones” can be considered as short tail keyword and “Best wired earphones under 500 rupees” can be considered as long tail keyword.

But by using only long tail keyword doesn’t makes any difference so you have to put keyword in semrush keyword magic tool and it will suggest long tail keyword with traffic volume on that keyword & keyword difficulty less is percentage than less is keyword difficulty that is if 1% is there than your keyword article can be ranked very easily.

if 99% is there than its difficult to rank or impossible to rank. But usually keyword which have less difficulty also have less traffic nothing to worry traffic maybe less but that much traffic will come to your website with very little effort.

2.Ahrefs SEO Tool

Ahrefs SEO Tool

It is good tool which have cool feature like searching your competitor’s website with their domain name and also it tells how much they have traffic and how they are driving traffics. And also you can get keyword topic which good traffic with less difficulty from your competitors.

Next Ahrefs will tells about backlinks attach to website of you competitors & also tells about backlinks that they are quality backlinks are not. Content Explorer is tool in Ahrefs which tells low competition keywords with high traffic volume which will make you easy to rank on top search results.

Keywords explorer tool will tell about keyword in search engines like google, bing, youtube, amazon many more like 10 other search engines it will keyword details on those search engines. Check backlinks of top ranked website just search website and copy link and put it in ahrefs it will send backlinks details whenever the website has new backlinks.

If you want to know what your competitor writing and how they are ranking just use ahrefs search the domain of your topic and you will find some website which are top on your topic just after that copy two or more website ad check on which topic they are writing & also ranking and after that you can also write on same topic to get more traffic to your website.

Broken backlinks fixing, ahrefs check broken backlinks and tells you and you don’t need to check each and all. It also gives backlink details of your competitor’s website which you can use in your website. Many backlinks show 404 error ahrefs keeps on checking it and tells you that.

3.Google Adword SEO Tool

Google Keyword Research Tool.J

Google adword is google advertising platform tool if you search in google you may have seen first 3 results have ad icon on it which indicate they are running an advertisement after them you can see organic result. You may have known that how difficult is to be in organic search top list so to overcome this effort the google gave us this beautiful opportunity called google adword.

Google adword is free account you can sign up using google account after that you can run an add google will collect many on only results that means only link clicks. So usually google adword is use as bidding system when many people run an advertisement who bid more he will get first position.

Usually it doesn’t only depend on money you bid also keyword so you have to search keyword which costs less and also people usually search while purchasing for example person who search earphone may buy or may not buy but the person who is search like best wired earphones under 500rs is looking for earphones under certain rupees that means he wants to purchase that product like earphones under 500rs.

Google adword have so many thinks to explore but it is good way to promote products and all.

4.Ubersuggest SEO Tool.

It is one the Best tool for Free. You can use to check
the website traffic, can check the competator stratergy .

Some of the main features of Ubersuggest :

1.Domain overview.

2.Content Ideas.

3.Keyword Suggestion.


5.Keyword Analyser.

Let’s Take an Example: When search for Digital Marketing, set the
Language/Location and Search(Enter).

Best SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

 It will show Complete Detail Report of Particular

Like In the Keyword

Best SEO tools for Digital Marketing

Use can see here, For a Particular keyword the how
much total traffic is there. 60,500 vol./month,

Use can see the SEO Difficulty is 77. It shows
that higher the SD No. the lesser is the chance to rank your article.SD- 0-100.

: The Paid Difficulty for Particular keyword is 44.
Higher the Number the greater the competation for particular keyword. PD 0-100.

Cost per
The Cpc for
particular Keyword is $8.90. Means if want to Run the Google ads campaign means
the cost per click will be $18.90.

By Analsing all these you can Easily find the Best
Keyword to Rank your blog post. With high traffic and with low competation. Try
to collect the keyword with High traffic with low competation.

Best SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies in  2021

Use can see here.

Digital marketing what is , is the Best Keyword to
Rank your article and get tons of traffic to your website. It has search

Volume of 8100,

Cpc – $6.79,

Paid difficulity – 31,

Search difficulity – 17.

You can observe that Search Difficulity is Just 17.
Means you can Rank your article easily on the keyword.

If you want to run the Campaign. It will be very easy
to rank.

5.Google Search Console SEO Tool.

One of the best SEO Tool is Google search console tool
which is free. This tool will also help us to see the website Traffic, monitor
your website, also checks wheather any issues are their or not.

There are many benefits of this tool. To use this tool
you need to copy the your website url and submit to the google search console.

This tool helps your website to visible in the google
search results.

what is Google Search Console?

You can see here, once you submit your website url to
the search console. Soon, your website will be visible in the Google search

Even you can submit url website sitemap in this
Console tool. Try to make best use of it.

You can see here, Total click of your website,
Impression, CTR- Click through rate and position of website.

It will also show which are the top keywords are ranking
on the google search engine. You can see here this is my website traffic and
you can observe that the top most searched keyword appearing in the google
search result is Systeme.io review.

 So, It gives us a clear idea that this keyword we can
easily rank. You can article on this keywords and increase the traffic.

It also the complete details about which page of your
website is getting more traffic.

In which country your article is ranking on top. It
will show which country you can target your audience.

Devices: It will also show details about visitor like
wheather he is seeing your article on mobile, computer or tablet.

Many more Options are given Which is most useful. So,
Try to use this tool.

Conclusion: SEMRush is Best SEO Tool you may ask me why not other tools there may be plenty of reasons for using semrush as SEO tool but not a single reason not to use it. Semrush is used by 30% of fortune 500 companies some of it are Tesla, Decathlon, Nike, P&G, Forbes, IBM, Walmart & so on. The market giants are using Semrush amazing isn’t it. Semrush is easy to use compared to other tool and gave good results with many tools used for SEO. You still have confusion don’t believe my words or the semrush tool just go to semrush tool take a free trail use it yourself than check the cool features of it. After you get satisfied by tool than only purchase it.


What tools do seo agencies use?

Different Agencies use different SEO Tool. But, The Most Popular and Most Used SEO tool is SEMRush.

Is SEO a digital marketing tools?

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. It will help the website article on the Top of the Search results.

Which SEO tools to regularly use?

The 3 best SEO tool most Commonly used is
1.Google Analytics.
2.Google Search Console.

How do I find the best keywords for SEO?

To find the best Keyword for SEO you need to Research on your Niche and Write an Article.
To make easy search you can use Ubersuggest or Semrush Tool.

Are blogs good for SEO?

Yes, Ofcoarse writing blog on your website plays an important Role. It helps in many ways. It will mainly Helps in increasing the website traffic. Try to write atleast 2-3 articles per week.

What is free SEO tools?

3 Free SEO Tools you can use are
1.Google analytics
2.Google search console.

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