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Hostinger Coupon code & Promo code 2022 – Get Free Domain and SSL

Hostiunger is the Best Hostinger Provider. All Most of the Web developers use Hostinger Hosting. Highly Recommended by web developers. Grab the Hostinger Coupon Code India 2021

First of all I will tell you about Hostinger it started in 2004 with an innovative idea of helping people to create website. Now Hostinger have customers over 29 million from all over the world.

Hostinger is giving Coupons & Promo Codes just check out about it. With Hostinger you get free Domain & SSL Certificate also 30 days’ money back guarantee. Discount on Hostinger plans are up to 90% off on the price.

Hostinger different Hosting Plans

There are 2 types Hostings

  • Shared Hosting

This is cheapest hosting plan which is used by bloggers and people doing creating website as hobbies. As name says it is shared hosting that means you are sharing space with someone else in simple example if you rented a room for alone.

It will be costly so you share room with someone else than it will be cheap. In hosting you will be sharing your server. When you are sharing your room as you feel unsecure congested or space limitation same problem you will face in shared hosting.    

  • Single Web Hosting

It is good for beginners with price of ₹249 ₹79/month and this price can again be discounted by adding coupon code or promo code.

  • Premium Web Hosting

It is good for personal website having good amount of traffic with price of ₹399 ₹179/month & this amount also get deducted after applying coupon code or promo code. 

  • Business Web Hosting

It is for small or medium business websites with price of ₹599 ₹279/month which is also discounted after applying promo code or coupon code

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting uses multiple server which gives maximum up time & fast response. It is different from shared hosting in this type of hosting you will get separate space of your own and as I said it uses multiple server

If one failed another will kick in so your site will be available all the time i.e. near 100% uptime. Following are the cloud hosting plans with minimum value compare other hosting providers.  

  • Startup

As name says it is for small start-up with pricing of ₹1,599 ₹799/month it will also discounted if you use coupon code or promo code.

  • Professional

It for professional users with pricing of ₹3,299 ₹1,499/month which will get deducted by promo code or coupon code.

  • Cloud Global

It is Google powered global cloud server with pricing of ₹7,289 ₹5,099/month it will be deducted after using coupon code.

How to use Hostinger coupon code & How to buy webhosting services

It is simple 3 step process for redeeming your Hostinger coupon. First step is to select your coupon code and for discount just click on the selected coupon than review your cart items. And second step is to do process of checkout to do so you need to add your payment details and complete your transaction. After that member’s area will be open. Third or last step is to enjoy hosting services and checkout tools.     

Step by Step to Apply Hostinger Code Code 2021.

Step 1: Go Hostinger Website and Select Your Plan. Click Here.

Hostinger Coupon code & Promo code 2021 - Get Free Domain and SSL

Step 2: Add to the Cart and Select the Plan. (Select mini. 12months to get Free Domain and SSL).

Hostinger Coupon code & Promo code 2021 - Get Free Domain and SSL

Step 3: Scroll down and Select the Domain for your website.

Hostinger Coupon code & Promo code 2021 - Get Free Domain and SSL

Step 4: Copy this VC7OFF Code and Paste Here.

Hostinger Coupon code & Promo code 2021 - Get Free Domain and SSL

Step: 5 Make payment. Congratulation Your Hosting is Ready. Now Install WordPress.


Why to choose Hostinger? 

#1 Web Hosting Trusted by owners of 2,965,900 websites, 4x processing, speed & money back guarantee. Good quality website hosting is provided with too many features also it is very well optimized for WordPress. Free Domain & Free SSL in addition to that user friendly control panel. 24x7x365 professional support. 30 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with hosting.

Hostinger other reasons to purchase it are 99.99% uptime guarantee that means your website is always online. Average response to a call is only 50 seconds you heard it right 50 sec. Good response time of WordPress i.e. average response time is 143 ms.

Average time to get your beautiful website online is just 7 minutes. 98% of customers rated Hostinger as excellent. It has 8 data centres worldwide i.e. United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithunia, Singapore, Brazil, India which helps to load faster.     

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What are the Hostinger Coupon codes?

Hostinger coupon codes or promo codes are nothing but discount vouchers which will deduct the price of hostinger plans. Hostinger always give discount around 50% to 65% minimum by these coupon codes you may get up to 80% to 90% discount.

How to get free Domain & SSL?

If you checkout the hostinger plans you may see Free SSL certificate is available with all plans but free domain isn’t. For free domain you have to take at least premium web hosting in shared hosting that is priced around ₹399 ₹179/month.   

How do I get Hostinger Coupon code?

For coupon code of hostinger, easy way is go to hostinger website through our link and you will see hostinger coupon code already applied which is around 50% to 65%.

How can I use Hostinger for Free?

Sorry to disappoint you but you can’t use hostinger for free but it very much cheaper compare to many hosting providers and with that price you will get so many free features worth of good amount.  

Why Hostinger is so cheap?

Just to eliminate competition hostinger is priced minimum among all. You may have question if it is cheap is it good. It is best in all perspective it has good customer care services, best uptime, easy to use & also have all features which competitors offering.    

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