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The Ultimate Guide to Running Effective Facebook Ads


Hi Friends, In this Article you will get complete knowledge about the Ultimate Guide to Running Effective Facebook Ads. So, Read the Article Completely and Start running the Facebook Ads.

Why Facebook ads is better than Google ads?

There are mainly two reasons. One is it has 2.6 billion users and it is cheaper than Google ads. We got sales cheaper than Google ads. So many people prefer Facebook ads. And according to me, Running a Facebook ad is very easy compared to Google ads.

What is the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads?

If anyone searching for your product, and then he will search in Google, and you can show an ad, in a Google, but the Facebook is different. It’s like you are reaching customer and showing your product the customer maybe interested or may not be.

The difference between Google ads and Facebook ads is Google Ads is like inbound marketing. if they are searching for product related you, then google will show up your ad. It’s an inbound marketing.

But Facebook is like an outbound marketing It’s like you initiate the conversation and show everyone who may be or may not be interested but you will show ads to him upto now you may thinking google ads are better than Facebook ads.

Than why Facebook ads? Running a Facebook ad is easy as I said. Usually beginners prefer Facebook ads.
Because its CPC (what is CPC? It is Cost Per Click, in simple words money spend to click one person on your ad) is very low compared to Google ads.

At beginning When Facebook ads were started it’s not affective as a Google ad. It was not working like Google Ads because Google Ads had many features but Facebook ads didn’t have that many features.

But nowadays Facebook also introduced many features which give you really good
result.Facebook introduce Facebook pixel, you can retarget or you can create very good ad using facebook pixel and you will get very good result even if you are new to Facebook

Facebook ads advertising strategies.
If you want to start a Facebook ads, the first step is to create one Facebook account, I think everyone have a Facebook account and after creating Facebook account, you create a facebook page which you are interesting after creating Facebook page.

you start uploading the details on which you want to run ads. In Facebook running ads is so simple. You can do it easily. The beginners usually do a simple trick like a boosted post. As the post which you uploaded in your Facebook page, just there is a symbol called boost and you can boost it by adding some amount.

If you are new to Facebook ads Facebook page, your Facebook page is new and you don’t have any followers then you can run an ad which increases followers or increasing followers you can run an easy ad.

There are many strategies to increase followers, usually people like asking questions. So if you are running an ad on fashion, you can ask a question about a fashion and boost that post so it can reach to other people.

And if people answered your question, and ask them to follow you, and they will start following your page.

The same thing applies for study related thing. Also, if you are running a page regarding studies, ask questions about a study related and people who are answering it, ask them to follow you and they will start following your page and when your followers increases it will give you regular visitors.

Different types of Facebook advertising,
1.Display advertising,

2.Video Adertising.

3.Mobile Advertising.

4.Native Advertising.

What is display advertising in facebook ads?

In simple words, display advertising is nothing but a banner advertising.I hope everyone saw a banner in roadside and banners around you simply same thing in Facebook just put an image and write about it and run an ad. It’s displayer it’s the simplest form of advertising.

It is traditional method type it doesn’t give you much information.

It’s like a simple ad. It is useful where you don’t require much information or details or description of the product.

For example, physical products like T-shirt, food items, etc.

It has disadvantage, like if you want to give description you can’t and it’s like a simple advertising which doesn’t give much information.

What is video advertising?

video advertising is very popular nowadays because people like to watch video rather reading watching the inner details. If you can make eye catching video, then run video ad. Video ads are very good.

video advertising is people while streaming in Facebook or watching videos in Facebook, these kind of ads will pop up are coming between those ads.

If you can make eye catching on amazing video advertising then you can reach many people and conversion will be high compare to image advertising or display advertising there are few disadvantages of video advertising like it’s like it’s required a many attention and it required the time to make one good video.

What are mobile ads?
Nowadays people use Facebook in mobile too much that means mobile users are much high compare to desktop users so to get a good results in advertising, you have to look for mobile advertising. mobile advertising, running an ad in Facebook. Nowadays Instagram users are very much high so mobile ads will help to run your ad in Instagram. Usually video and display ads can be run in Instagram, which are mobile friendly. You have to run an ad which is mobile friendly.

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What is native advertising?

Native advertising isn’t simple. Its like give you simple information and when you click on fb add it will give you further information.

house further information when you click on that? When you click on that you will receive detail information regarding this. It’s like a non-disruptive ad.

You can ask what is non-disruptive ad. To understand non-disruptive and you must understand what is a disruptive ad. disruptive ad means the pop up ads autoplay, autoplay videos are considered disruptive ads, and it will have a negative impact on the customer or viewers.

We’re watching your ad. Non-disruptive ads are annoying which interfere user. So to increase advertising reach disruptive ads are really good they are like, you’ll combine the content which people are watching like our videos or posts or photos in which they will merge and it will be like the same content which they are watching.

That will be of same content. If they don’t like it just they can skip. If they like it, just click and go to a blog or website or post and they can read in detail about your ad.
These are native ads native ads are nothing but non-disruptive ads.
These are the best ads when running these ads is a little difficult

why Facebook ads are powerful?
If you simply ask me according to me, it’s due to a pixel or Facebook pixel is nothing but a simple code which you can find in that in advertising manager page. Just copy the facebook pixel code and paste it in your website which will count and remember the visitors who are coming to your website
its simple code were very helpful because it will not down each and every user of Facebook who are visiting websites and you can retarget or track them or you can show them where advertisement and directly because it will keep information of website visitors.
Facebook pixel, save the audience or website visitors so when audience are saved, so you can use these audience for custom audience like 30 day website visitors or 60 day website visitors
and retarget them and show them an ad. Not only that, you can use Facebook pixel to track conversations. You can use Facebook pixel to track conversations. If someone visit at your website, the Facebook pixel will track that and after that,

if he reached any page it will also track that and that means if someone visited your first page and if he purchased and then he visited thank you page or purchase the page, then you can track that if you are using Facebook pixel.

If you want to know about Facebook and then you must know what is saved audience custom audience look alike audience and Facebook pixel. Before running Facebook and you must know what is Facebook pixel how to use it and what is saved audience what is custom audience what is look alike audience

what is conversion tracking audience conversion optimised ads as I told you about Facebook is now a save audience, your audience you can save an audience and you are running an ad for first time you how to use saved audience, in saved audience

you can select gender, location and the occupation, interest everything else and you can use these to run an ad. So, these a saved audience based on age, location, gender and their occupation and their interest and also their hobbies.

Custom audience, custom audience created using Facebook pixel So, Facebook pixel will track your website visitors and by these website visitors You can create a custom audience. And those custom audiences can be that in a website visitor,

the website visitors or the people who enrol in the website or who enrolled anywhere in your program or sorting else. You can Follow them as custom audience. These audiences like they are visited or they give information about them called custom audience.

Now look alike audience, look alike audiences can Created using custom audience if there are 30 days’ website visitors you can create who a website visitors look alike audience So this one lookalike audience is Completely Based on Facebook.

Facebook will do The audience details and It will find the person who is similar to the saved audience or custom audience these similarities maybe occupation, hobbies and likes, dislikes, places, the college It may depend on many factors.

While you don’t have enough audience in costume audience you can create lookalike audience by using lookalike option & customer audience Which depends on Facebook. When you have custom audience and you want Create new audience to increase sales You can use a look alike audience usually look alike audiences Have good result.0

Conversion optimised and tracking conversion

it will be done using facebook pixel first you have to copy code and paste in website page using steps said in fb. On the product page you can paste facebook pixel and when the customer visit the page he will be tracked & if person purchased

the product and went to the billing page and paid the bill or went to the thank you page after purchase or completing task, then that person is called converted then fb will track the person detail and search

the person who is similar to that converted person and show the ad to that kind of audience which are highly likely to be converted. So the conversion optimised ad is completely based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) of Facebook. So the artificial intelligence of Facebook search person who is going to convert and show the ads to them

How to run a Facebook ad,

Facebook website changes occasionally recently 2021 Facebook changed its interface, so now if you want to run an ad, you can follow the steps for Facebook ads 2021.

>Just go to your Facebook page,

>and then click on “ads manager”

> then you can click on “Create ad”
Now you can see 5 types of ads
1.To get started with automated ads.

2.Get more website visitors

3.promoted page,

4.boost your page

5.get more button clicks.

Depend on names you can click any one of these ads based on your requirement and use. Usually people who are running their first ads use boost your post for that you have to post something related to your facebook page on your Facebook page and you can boost that post

if you want to increase your followers on Facebook page to just run promote your page. So it will connect more people with your page. Using this you increase your followers.

And there is another type which will increase your website visitors so by advertising your website to a larger audience in case Facebook just by running 2nd type of ad by telling something about your website you give link of your website and people who are interested will visit your website.

if you are running a Facebook ad for selling something then you can run get more button clicks i.e. 5th type of ad that is used for promote your shop now button to get more button clicks can be used while selling your product you can use this and it is really effective that is for cost per click it.

So in these five types of get started with automated ads is the best you may ask what is there in get started with automated ads one type there is get more visitors second type is reach potential customers near your business location. These are two types of ads by reaching your customers based on your location app software it’s also use custom audience.

So, after these things next steps are very simple. Just you have to create an audience and put any image and description put any image and a description and run an ad or if you want to run a video ad just put video and description and run an ad.

>after selecting which type add you want to run go to audience selection.

>after audience selection you can choose amount i.e. daily budget or complete ad budget.

>after budget you can select timing of ad you must run ad for one day for good result also facebook restrict for minimum 24hrs.

>select type deduction of amount i.e. amount should deducted for click on add / for impression (for showing ad) usually deduction per click is selected and its effective way.

>after that you had to create an ad which consist of image or video with description.

>after everything just run ad but it will be in review for some time and it will run afterwards.

How to add money in facebook advertising account?

Before running an ad you must go to billing section and add your amount how much you want to run ad and based on that put amount in it if you put 100rs in the tax will deduct around 20rs or less so the effective add will be of 80rs only.

How to run facebook ads effectively 2021?


How can I make my Facebook ads more effective?

Step 1: Know your audience.
Step2: Narrow down your audience.
Step3: set a proper demography.
Step4: Run the ads based on Target audience: Age, Place, gender, Interest…
Step5: Collect leads.
Step6: Expertising Facebook ads is not a one day game. Try to run the Ads on daily bases.

What is the best time to run Facebook ads?

There is no best time. Just Run your ads now.
Run a facebook ads campaign for a whole week.
then, Analyse the ads. which you got most leads. then, next ads you should run your ads on that day only.

What is the most important part of Facebook advertising?

The most important of facebook ads is photo. The photo ads should be eye caching. It should have high imprewssions and CTR for that ad. Try to collect the best phots for ads.

How much should I spend per day on Facebook ads?

If you are beginner then, you can start as low as you want. Like 1$ is also enough.

Are Facebook ads worth it?

yes, ofcourse facebook ads are best for running the Campaign for e-commerce, Selling physical products, you can even sell courses, digital product. You should know the facebook pixel. Facebook is the best way to run the ads. Retargeting the ads.

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