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What is email marketing and how does it work?


Hey do you want to Know what is email marketing and how does it work. In this Article I have Completely Described the details of Email Marketing and How to do it in proper way.

What is Email Marketing in Digital Marketing & How does it work?

Sending an email to certain group of people to promote certain content or certain product. To send email to certain people you have to use email marketing tool which are used to send multiple emails using beautiful templates.

Email Marketing is the Process in which the company or individual owner collect the email for the customers and Nurture the cold email to warm . Then he or company sells the product. Email Marketing is the No. 1 Key Reason for their success.

If you are not using Email Marketing then, you wasting your Energy. Even Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, Google all use use Email Marketing. It is the Main Reason for their success.

Usually to send emails to a certain group of people at a time we have to use Email marketing tools or Email Marketing software.

Sending emails, we need a group of people of same interest. collecting an email is a Big task.

For collecting an email ID of same interest people we can run ad or maybe write A blog related to the topic collect an email.

There are several Email Marketing tools or software which help to collect emails which collect email in correct manner so you can use afterwards you can group them in details.

After collecting emails, you can check them in a software or tools. and now you can send emails two different group of people at different time.

These email marketing tools how many features like templates images so you can send professional way of emails.

You may have noticed main big companies and e commerce websites send emails in a professional manner those people use email marketing tools.

By using email marketing tools, you look professional and the person who is reading your email he will feel like he is dealing with a professional person.

Advantages of Email Marketing:

Whenever we heard marketing word we feel like we have to spend too much of money in it but here comes an email marketing which is very much affordable than any kind of business person.

Email marketing is a direct marketing. so, if you are selling products you can show your product direct in email or promote it in email.

In email marketing maximum chances of conversion. many people get converted in email marketing.

An email marketing you are targeting a person who is interested in your product, an idea or content.

Best Email Marketing Software 2021:




system IO

Best Email Marketing Tool for Bloggers 2021:

            Bloggers use email marketing to drive traffic to their blogs and then to give updates about their new blog posts.

            So some bloggers use them to promote product like if they wrote an article about email marketing and some interested person like it and enrol in it then the will send him an email about email marketing.

            And another example is if health related blogger collected your email than he will start sending you health related product email.

Best Email Marketing Tool for ecommerce 2021:

            For E-commerce websites they will use email marketing like when if someone visit their website they will ask for emails. And then send emails.

            I will give you an example if I own a website of fashion items and you visited my website and watched shoes than my email marketing tool will track that and send you email regarding shoes.

            You may have experienced this if you have added item and forgot about it but e commerce website didn’t forget about it and sent you email and reminds you.

            Email marketing is very much useful for ecommerce websites because it will send emails to your potential customers to buy the products which they are really interested.

            Also email marketing is useful for down selling your product and also used for upselling your product.

            If someone purchased shoes than you can send a reminder email of purchasing socks or shoe polish or brush many other shoes related product.    

Email Marketing ROI Stats:

Before ROI Stats we need to know what is ROI it is open rate revenue so basically people will check only open rate in email marketing but ROI is also important in email marketing.

I’ll explain you in simple words ROI is how much you spend on email marketing and how much you will get in return on what you spend in an email marketing.

Email marketing has highest return rate that is ROI so basically there are three types of ROI average performance, top performance & low Performance.

Average performance is if of get 38 times on what you spent that is if you spend the $1 you will get $38.

Top performance is getting 70 times on your spent amount yes you heard it right 70 times if you spend $1 then you will get $70 but very few peoples or companies will achieve this it is less than 20% marketers.

Low performance is getting 5 times on spent some marketers will get $5 on investing $1. The low performance marketers are also less than 20%.

The usual ROI is 38% that is average performance. But some article and experts says that email marketing ROI is in between Average performance and top performance.

Wheather It is a online or ofline always try to Build your own Tribe/ community and Make Offers.

Free Email Marketing software download 2021:

            for free there are very few tools available I will tell you which are good and you can use them for free.

            First one is it is amazing tool for email marketing which have many feature useful for bloggers, ecommerce websites and for tutors as well as. It is a All in one Tool for Digital Marketers.

   is free for 30 days only in which you can create automation for sending an emails and also simple things like broad caste emails at set particular time are also available.

            At set time particular group of people will receive mails and also Pre-made templetes are available for creating beautiful emails.

            After 30 days you have to pay for using and trust me it is lowest cost in an email marketing tools. And is not only email marketing tool it has many more features like creating click funnels or sales funnels and used for storing your courses like teachable that in same price also you can use it as affiliate marketing tool and so on.

            Second best free email marketing tool is Mail chimp but it is not fully unlocked that is too use all features you need to pay certain amount.

            Mailchimp can be used for collecting mails for free and also you can send a broadcast email to all contact emails collected and send them at one click.

            You can’t set a time that all mails should be send at particular time for that you have to pay. So in free version you can just collect emails and send them emails at a once.

            One thing you should remember no gives you anything free because you are using email marketing to earn money and you are expecting someone help you earn money for free that’s not possible.

            There is always one thing I learned from my father spend money to earn money. Money makes earning money easy. i.e. if you spend some money and purchase some useful tools that will make your work easy and helps you to earn more money.       

How to use email marketing tools?

            Before using email marketing tool, you should decide for what purpose you are using email marketing tool that is more important.

             If you are in e commerce business than just collect the people emails when they visit your website than track what they are looking for than send them related products emails.

            For bloggers they can send emails regarding their articles or blogs and they can just remind about their new blogs.

Affiliate marketers can use email marketing to promote affiliate products but some of email marketing tools doesn’t support affiliate marketing.

But systemeio support affiliate marketing so direct affiliate marketing is not possible with email marketing tools other than systeme IO.

Before using any email marketing tool check whether it support affiliate marketing or not otherwise they will suspend your account.

Any way you can promote affiliate marketing in an indirect way that is send email and make them to visit your website and promote over there about your affiliate product.

Offline businesses can also use email marketing tools you may wonder how come offline business use affiliate marketing.

It is simple whenever you have discount & sale you can send email to all your customers or you can tell about your new products or new schemes.

And you can distinguish between your special customers and regular customers and send them great emails it is possible all because of email marketing tool

If you are a tutor then also you can use email marketing tool for telling about your new course, for clearing doubts or for taking surveys and to remind something.

You may be in any business you need an email marketing tool because any business required proper communication between owner and customer so nowadays communicating with customers and knowing their opinion really important for business growth.

Step by step email marketing Guide:

First visit of website page of email marketing tool which you want to purchase. I will give you an example of tool

Click on a link after that you will visit the page of systeme IO then put your email details then start free trial of 30 days

If you don’t want 30-day trial period, you want to purchase just click on purchase after purchasing go through blogs given in website of systeme IO

So for email marketing first you need to create a page which collects email for you using email marketing tool

So after collecting email just put them in a group according to your convenience then if you want to send them email at a once you can use Broadcast method

In broadcast method everyone in your group Group will receive email at particular time you set or you can send them at one click.

Even you can do an automation like someone visited your particular page then send them an email you can send greeting message when someone login into your program.

Automation of email is very important and very useful method because many people use this automation technique look like professional.

Automation is simple at too complicated you have to build automation by yourself it completely depends on your knowledge

Or if you have any course the answer man completed first chapter you can send them second chapter or if someone didn’t complete your first chapter within three days then you can send him encouragement message to read first chapter.

And you can use it for sending emails like upsell and downsell if someone purchase one product you can Send Email about your other products

If someone visited your website but didn’t purchase some product due to it is very costly then you can send him an email about discount coupons using email marketing tool.

How kulwantNegi earned $9000 in 4 days with Email marketing?

He had earned $9000 in four days using email marketing with 6200+ subscribers.

For getting subscribers for email marketing he used FB ads. So at the starting he spent 500 rupees per day on FB ads.

For getting the one lead he spent 9 to 18 rupees and to achieve total number of subscribers of 6241 he spent 70000 rupees.

So form these subscribers he built an email list and send them emails regarding his affiliate products and by doing so he invites people to his blogs and tells about tools he uses and also promote products which are helpful for blogging and sells them.

So at the end he had earned $9000 in 4 days by 6200+ subscribers. So to achieve this he spent around $940(70000Inr).


Which email marketing software is best?

If you search this in Google it will recommend mailchimp but I will recommend you system IO because it is same as mailchimp with less price and it consists of multiple tools which you can use in same price of mailchimp or even less.

What is email marketing plan?

Email marketing plan or strategy consists of set of works like how to send an email with good content to a targeted person and also consist of identifying the targeted person and sending him a good email to achieve business goal or targeted goal with the help of email marketing.

What is email marketing tool?

Email marketing tools are used for creating an email and sending it a group of peoples or single person and testing your email marketing campaign and optimising your email marketing campaign. so generally email marketing tools are called ESP that is email service provider you can use my way campaign monitors.

What is email marketing in SEO?

You may wonder email marketing help SEO yes it is true. you may have heard of off page SEO which is backlinks and shares in social media other websites which includes Bounce rate measure times on website so by email marketing you can create engaging profit interested in your blog post or an article.

Which is best email marketing software 2021?

Whenever it comes to email marketing MAILCHIMP would be considered as a best email Marketing software because of its popularity and widely used and good customer support but recommender system IO because it is used as multiple tools for Digital Marketing the same price or even lesser then MAILCHIMP system IO has this similar features as of MAILCHIMP you definitely considered system IO free 30 days’ trial period after that only consider MAILCHIMP system i o doesn’t disappoint you I guaranteed.

What is the open rate in email marketing?

Email open rate is nothing but how many people opened your email from your subscribers. for example, for example if you send email to your hundred subscribers only twenty-five of them are opened then one percent use open rate of your email marketing. it is very important you have more percent open rate. to increase open rate,you have to send emails in regular intervals but if you send email continuously then your subscribers may block you or if you send emails occasionally then your subscriber may have forgot you he may doesn’t open your email next time. for these reasons you have to find correct time interval to send your emails. there is another map twin increase open rate you should write a beautiful contents attract users to open your email choose email headings carefully or email subjects and pre-heading text.

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